Can’t sleep…

Went to bed late like usual with Michelle, around 3.00, woke up again and tossed until now (5.05) and then I decided to go up. I am completely and fully awake i.e I do not feel a single shred of fatigue in my body, only in my eyes – but not the sort of tiredness you need to sleep. Is this nicotine craving induced or just a one-time thing? I really hope for the latter.

I feel horrible for actually waking up Michelle putting on clothes, I tried to do it very silently but she has a sensitive sleepsense for that apparently. Or the light from the moon in our roofwindow gets shadowed by me multiple times in a row and that messes with the eyelid sensitivity? Either way I still feel guilty for telling her to fall asleep again, knowing it is a 50/50 chance for her to be able to do so…

Time to showcase my new mage in World of Warcraft – the best time of the day to do so too! Haha, don’t want this post to only be complaining. I do have a smexy mage! I have fun again in WoW and I am looking forward to Legion. Probably because I am playing with people I enjoy playing with now and there are little to none obligations and responsibilities. This blog has seen its fair share of me complaining about officer-life…

Apparently I also have a thing for making my characters look like different classes compared to what class they are. My druid looks like a rogue, my mage looks like a priest and my priest looks like a warlock. I have no idea why!

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I know it’s early but… good morning!

Instead of … think about …!


Vegan Sidekick, on Facebook, always knows where the shelves are at!

I am loading up on vegan recipes me and Michelle have made to make a nommy blogpost in like three-four days, will also add the recipes if you want to recreate them. Most of them contain steamed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and carrot) because I like eating them so much!

Still working on a lot of drawing inspiration, in a small setback at the moment. I don’t feel like doing anything.

I have a hard time falling asleep, spending almost hours rolling around trying to force myself to fall into slumber, while in the mornings I have an even harder time waking up, it takes so long for me to be able to open my eyes. I do not feel rested and I do not feel that the sleep was particularly any good, which sucks. It manifests itself inside of me as a sort of boredom, where everything bores me and I just want to sit and do nothing, or just lay in bed and forget that there is daylight.

I hope I can get out of this before it creates a big chain reaction for me, I do not feel depressed or anything, it just manifests itself just like a depression. I want to solve my sleeping issues but at the same time I do not want to go to the doctor. I have already been there for other things and I also have contact with the government here in The Netherlands about professional help for my anxiety disorder/s. I just do not want to add another issue ontop of it, I hope it will disappear by itself.