Caught up in Legion~

Been playing so much World of Warcraft again that I have forgotten about the blog… sorry! I will be up and at it again from now on – hopefully~. Going to post a bunch of screenshots from World of Warcraft and also show my cute pocketgirlfriends new outfits. Oh my, I might have become a tad bit obnoxious, but right now, I do not care. So much serious stuff going on in real life anyway that you got to make some silly or weird blogposts.

Silly… but cute~!

Been on-going drama between friendgroups, the guild, family and real life events/appointments. So excuse me for a lackluster blogpost, but that is what I can and have the will to give out right now.

Food & Withdrawals

Having withdrawals almost all the time. I guess my habit was to smoke a lot and often, so my body craves it way too often. If I could go back and decide again to start or not, I wouldn’t. Still question the reasoning behind why it i legal and why it shouldn’t be. It is affordable/legal “heroin”, not the same drug or withdrawals obviously, but the way it manifests as an addiction is the same as any other heavy drug. You get the same chemical changes in your body, mind and hormones – and when you quit it, you notice how bad it is for you. I have a tendency to crack on the second day, I really will try to not tomorrow.

I have also been halfsleeping all day to escape the craving. But now when I do not, it hits hard…

On a better note! We made our own baguettes today, Michelle’s with walnutchicken-paste, cucumber and paprika and mine with hummus, cucumber, paprika and tomato. It was tasty and shall be eaten another time!

Oh, I almost forgot to show off my pocket girlfriends. They have new outfits again, got to show them off~! Michelle (huhu, yes, they are all small pocketMichelles, only with different names) to the left is sporting a fancy new pink hairstyle, her magic wind outfit with a lovely new background. Michie to the right is getting cozy and ready for bed!