Jehovah’s Witness Propaganda…

This :article: is sickening, it clearly caters to younger children seeing the artstyle is inspired by Pixar and they had a very high budget. It manipulates young children to become bigots, it is completely disturbing and disgusting to watch. Why were they allowed to make this? Why would someone even support such a horrid organisation?

Let’s hope that this video gets circulated through the whole world so more can see how hateful this group is and how manipulative they are, they go to extremes almost. Why would one resort to brainwashing? When your arguements are lacking, that is when you do.

This is almost like a cult, no, it is a cult. It is dangerous, homophobic, misogynistic and so much more that they cover up.

Mind controlling starts at a young age, it is a great example of how sly this organisation is with promoting their hate speeches. People see JW as nice, smiling and good hearted people, but their underlying belief is grounded in bigotry, misogyny and the hope of a future genocide of the “wicked” – such as… ANYONE that isn’t a Jehovah’s Witness.

The only difference between JW and ISIS is that ISIS (they teach the exact same principle, anyone outside their belief is wicked and deserves to die) do their own killing, whereas the Witnesses waits for God to do it for them, to keep their hands clean while running the horrible machinery.

The cult is very controlling and there is no free thinking, they do what you to believe that there is, but there isn’t. It is blackmail, spiritual and mental abuse, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Guilt tripping a child with fears of damnation makes you such a good parent I heard.

Internally screaming!

Brief post about the article one of my friends sent in a Discord channel we both lurk in: Bigotry af

I… what… Like wa… I just can’t. Why is it so backwards when it is supposed to be so progressive and modern? And that police statement… if the female was transgender it would have been ok to kick and tase the living shit out of someone for using the restroom preference they identify with?

I can’t even make a proper post about it, my insides are turning over multiple times. So sickening and knowing there are people out there supporting this kind of savagery… I get really sad and angry over it. I am just glad I live in Europe, even with all of our shit going on we can at least respect individuals, identity and respect itself.

This is one of the examples to why even people living in Europe are scared of coming out as anything, because it is people like these and the people supporting this kind of hate crime that scares the majority to keep quiet.