New shoes!

Michelle’s new shoes arrived, yay! And my manga, volume 2 “Citrus”. So now the collection does not look that awkward in the bookcase, so instead of 1-3-4 there is 1-2-3-4 now! Awww yes! Still waiting for the volume 1 of “The Earl and The Fairy” though, but it will come when it will come.

The shoes look really nice, and they did not pinch at all when she was walking around. One smaller heel and one a bit bigger, so now she has four different shoes with different height heels on. She has to train a lot to be able to walk naturally in heels, pretty much everyone does. I remember my first time, I just strapped on my sisters 15cm high heels and waltzed around, I think I sprained my foot the first time because I sidestepped and the heel just went to the side making my foot twist.

Well, either way she will not learn the hard way (she can already walk pretty good in them, no bending of the knees or walking with your toe-plateau first) but just gotta make it look a bit more natural, as if she was born with heels on!

Yay, my manga arrived!

The usual postman dropped them off together with Mich’s new jacket.

Say I Love You (Suki-tte ii na yo) vol 2
Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink (Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo)

Today we are going to the barber for Michelle, gonna cut her hair into a more feminime hairstyle, bangs and layer hair will be the goal. Unless we find a good image in one of their books that suits better. Mich is very nervous over it and so am I, we won’t be doing massive make up, the barber will be washing her hair and we do not want some of the foundation to “fall off”. So might just fill in her eyebrows.

Oh my lovely manga!

I got my early birthday gift today, yay! Well, I ordered it, but it is a gift from both me and Michelle… to me. It is this lovely shoujo-ai manga called “Girl Friends” and as soon as I have read both of the collections (two books with like four volumes each?) I will do a reviewer Nela~ about it. I really did not expect them to be thick, my latest manga wasn’t. But apparently I did not read the small part “COMPLETE COLLECTION 1/2”. There are more than just one volume. More to read for Nela and Michie~.

Ate a lovely “chicken” schnitzel burger with a lot of vegetables, tomatoes with salt, so good. God, I love food, since Michelle and I went vegetarian – and I went vegan after a while – she has shown me so much different and wonderful food. I would never have eaten steamed vegetables before, I never imagined that I would eat cauliflower almost everyday (IT IS SO GOOD) and she has opened a lot of doors for me. Also veganism has helped me in defeating my “food” fears and I want to try out everything! I even tried making avocado milkfree chocolate balls, but turns out that I do not like avocado as much as I want to enjoy it.