So triggered right now…

Ahh, haven’t been triggered in a long time, so here I am again! Triggering away.

Well, this time it is a very legit reason to why my fuse was blown. Michelle’s guild in WoW… not the most LGBTQ+ friendly guild there is. I can take that. I can ignore it, I can. I really… really can – although with a lot of struggles but I can if I just put my mind to it. Unless it is turned towards Michelle. It just… makes me see red.

Usually a good friend of mine is a good stop button, I do not take it further and I do not contact the people I hear/read/know is being ignorant/bigotted. Because I know Michelle has talked with them personally about it, but they just do not seem to care.

This time it is them misgendering her and still calling her an old name she really wants to get removed from herself. I know people feel that respect should be earned, but I think it is a basic human right to receive the tiniest amount of respect someone can muster up, at the very least be respected enough to be called their preferred pronouns and names.

The reason I am not contacting the people are mostly because I do not want people to have hostile feelings against Michelle because of me. I really do not want to cause more problems for Michelle than necessary, but this is just something that hits every single trigger in me. It is so darn disrespectful and utterly ignorant.


It is NOT hard.
It is harder for the person being misgendered and disrespected than it is for YOU to adjust one single word. It is NOT up for debate.

I had the greatest idea ever!

Imagine an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in the Harry Potter universe!


Without even knowing any details this sounds already like an amazing idea right? I know! Add to it with an open world and immersion from a game like Witcher 3 and you got a big time opportunity to make something good become great (i.e a single player game but in MMORPG format!). Time to go deep into the details of my idea:

  • Everyone will be playing as humans, the universe has multiple different humanoid creatures, but for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft (only a zone in the universe, which you can choose to go to or not – more about it later) there will only be pure-blooded wizards/witches and muggle-born wizards/witches. You will be able to choose between being a pure blood (born into a family of magic and surrounded by all the mysteries from birth) or a muggle (growing up as a normal human, not knowing of your competent skill in magic).
  • You will obviously be able to choose first- and surname – might be a bit redundant to have both names, could settle for only one first name and/or nickname.
  • There will be a system of traits or skills to already spend points into, in the character customization screen. Think the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system from the Fallout genre, but not quite the same. Every level you achieve will further your trait/skill tree and grow larger with more options to choose from – think Skyforge talent trees or Path of Exiles skill tree.
    • Intelligence, Bravery, Modesty, Cunning, Athleticism, Spell-knowledge, Potion-knowledge, Dark Arts knowledge, Heroism, Cowardice, Herbalism-knowledge, Magical Creature-knowledge, Social Skill (Extroverted, Introverted, In-Between) are just many of the traits/skill sets you would be able to customise during the game and during the character customization.
      • With every point you spend into a trait (not in skills) another point from the opposite trait will be subtracted. You can balance it all out or you can go full-blown anything!
      • These traits/skills will help your character in every aspect of the game. You are in a duel with another player and your cowardice is high? Most likely your character will take time charging/casting spells and might sometimes panic (quick time events to get back right into it). Same scenario but with bravery in the high-end scale: you will rarely panic during battles, it will still happen but it would have to be a lot of pressure on your character (maybe a dragon or too many enemies at once etc).
      • The more you level up the closer you are to graduating Hogwarts (if you chose to go to the school) and go into the adult world of magic, if you chose to not you might already have started in it etc.
  • An in-depth customization of character looks, no one should be forced to look the same – you can if you really would want to.
    • A system like Black Desert Online‘s would be amazing, with save files you could download – if you would want to look like a celebrity or just found a good avatar that you want to shape into yourself.
    • Everyone will be human, but you could choose to have a bit more pointy ears, different pupil/eye shapes, maybe a bit bigger canines etc – your bloodline might not just be humans…
  • Likes and Dislikes – these will affect how well you will do in certain classes and/or activities, and whom you would be able to get along with – obviously you can get along with everyone (it is an mmo hurrdurrrrhurr), but your character can get attracted/repelled by certain hobbies and favourites of some players – you are able to work around these, but your character (and most likely yourself) can voice your/their opinion/s about it – it is an ice-breaker!
    • And can help you choose how you will let it affect your character and the way you interact with others.
    • This might not have the biggest gameplay breaking ability, but it helps with immersion.
  • The world will be open, much like our real life world. It will not be very fantasy-like unless you step into a hidden-from-the-muggles zone. Like the wizard cities, wild creature zones etc.
    • Raids and dungeons would be instanced.
      • Dungeons might be classes (the more physically magic ones, like Dark Arts) at Hogwarts, exploration missions in the open world (entering a cave to find something/someone or walk into a forest to sedate/knockout wildlife (as in unicorns, massive spiders, giants, centaurs etc) that have strayed too close to a muggle place). This can easily be brainstormed upon more and I would love comments (on anything too obviously -cheesy smile- hehe).
      • Raids, ahh, this is something I haven’t really thought through yet (I will be updating this regularly with ideas from myself and others, and probably make a new blog post every time linking back to older versions of it). I am open for anything!
      • Hogwarts would be instanced too, with its own open world in an open world – haha. Classes (could be individual dungeons with an NPC teacher, a student-filled room with an NPC teacher (interactive one) or dungeons, all of these would consist of many different lessons such as spellcasting: defence against the dark arts, transfiguration, charms, magic alchemy (transmuting and finding your elemental affinity), apparition (close to teleportation – easier classes would be learning how to create fireplace portals, communication through mirrors/fires/water and could go deeper into teleporting a few metres away to speed up walking/climbing/running etc without harming others and yourself – like the class in the movies/books you only have one chance to fail or pass either one), magical creature tending, herbalistic creatures and plants tending/learning, study of ancient runes (the ones that decide to walk this path unlock more classes and/or abilities – will get to the class system soon) and flying.
      • Your traits/skills chosen will be affecting how, if and when you can learn from the different lessons.
  • After “school” you can get a job, it is not a permanent job i.e you can quit it and choose another one, you can even be unemployed or employed by an organisation etc. You can travel the world, experience many different opportunities. These jobs would turn out as regular “quests”, always something to do… maybe one time you have to be an assistant, maybe you need to track down something/someone etc. It all depends on the job and/or profession you decided to go for.
    • There would be a penalty to quit a job though, like a week before you could jump into something new.
    • This would not hinder you doing raids/dungeons or any other event.
  • Class system… oh, this is a tough nut. I want to keep the holy trio – tank, healer and DPS. Because I am quite comfortable with it. I have an idea on how to keep it decent and not too cluttery, but it might be way too “whaaaaat…” so just bear with me! I do want to break the whole “class”-system though: if you want to be a damage heavy healer you should be able to. The players make up the names of the classes! If this was real, there would obviously be sites and subreddits to form the specific class you would want – you can also experiment! Balancing hopefully would not be an issue – shivers just thinking about it. There will be many different classes/versions of the roles. Hybrids will probably be very common.
    • There will be many different classes/versions of the roles. Hybrids will probably be very common.
      • Tanks would probably be good at shielding themselves/others, keeping threat with high damage but slow casting/recharge times and increased mana/life essence/orbs/any kind of resource cost.
      • Healers… so many ideas. You could be a DPS that has a big party cooldown, you could be a pure healer that focuses on casting spells that mends the wounds caused on your party members, a shield support that rather prevent damage than mend it etc.
      • You could be a full blown glass cannon, a literal transformer (chuckled hard), specialized in different aspects (lifting heavy things and throwing it at the target, making the target suffer physical wounds from dreaded curses etc)  etc. Can brainstorm so much more on this, I wish I had from the beginning already!
    • There might be a holy trio but there is no requirement to use it. You can go in wand blazing with just DPS for example!
    • There can be five different “classes” available in the beginning and with classes, experiences, special skill points and knowledge gain more classes/abilities can be unlocked. You can mix them up and become a completely different class compared to what you were or you can just switch to whatever you want.
  • Animations for spells, transformations, ruin knowledge would be very, very flashy obviously. You need to get some feedback for using them, so if you would cast a disarming spell you would be able to see the wand fly out of the hand of a player (for example) and the person would have to run and get it.
  • Player versus Player… I think this is where the game would shine.
    • The adult world and the school world would have different kinds of PvP. In school you would be able to duel, have a 3v3 or 5v5 etc and in the adult world you could see bigger battlegrounds, objective holding and maybe some world PvP – still being able to duel and do 3v3/5v5s/etc.
    • It would be more strategic gameplay than just “FOCUS THIS ONE NOW”.
  • There would be “factions”. The four houses of Hogwarts (if not going to school you can select favourite house in the character customization screen):
    • Gryffindor
    • Ravenclaw
    • Slytherin
    • Hufflepuff
      • Your traits will play a role in where you would be sorted and a questionnaire would help with putting you in the house you would want to be in.
    • You can hang out with friends from different houses. But your student hall etc would be in one of four different locations:
      • Gryffindor would be in a tower, just like Ravenclaw, not close to another though.
      • Slytherin would be underground, basement-like environment.
      • Hufflepuff would be located close to the school’s kitchens.

Right now this is all I have thought through! Feel free to comment with ideas and opinions.

Yes… this happened.

I just wanted to share this. A couple of fun facts that she does not bring up:
1. She acted condescending and mocking towards me in the beginning of it all, and I am not a person that can stand above it sadly – trying to fix it. But apparently putting yourself in a better light is far more important than revealing both sides, just like eating somebody is far more important than caring for your own body and environment.
2. The arguements she had against veganism where literally Vegan Sidekick’s images. Almost textbook stupid. And when she had nothing else to retort to she went with “PLANTS HAVE FEELINGS”… so I just told her if she cared for plant lives she should choose a vegan lifestyle, less casualities.
3. Veganism is not for lazy people, according to her obviously, because it is so hard living in a bigger city with more than eight different vegan restaurants and more than four different vegan food stores to find vegan foodsources.
4. Love is not compatible with killing. It isn’t. Deal with it properly, like an adult. Making statuses about “omg horrible things happens but this vegan fascist…” is not really mature, I am glad to not be you, a disrespectful twat that can not hold her own in a simple discussion about doing the bare minimum of understanding that animals have basic rights, like anyone else, and that you are contributing/funding the exploit of their rights.
5. And really? Going as far as to compare me to genocide and religious fanatics? Seems more like your thing, seeing you are the one contributing to the far more vast amount of animals killed, both in the industry and in the fields. Only in the meat/dairy industry genocide and psychopathy are welcome. But hey, as long as it pleases your tongue.
6. I also never said anything about not caring for farmers, being a vegan you think about everyone’s health and quality of life, not only your own. To buy ecological is a far better choice to help said workers with their daily life than just being random items and not knowing what you support. But what kind of intelligence can I expect from someone that claims that all turks are filth?
Sadly this person is a former close friends’ girlfriend and she deals with her own double morales in her everyday life (overbearing, control freak and condescending towards anyone that is not her – not a big surprise that she is a racist). I did not have a good image or impression of her before this, but I did not want it to ruin something that might have been a somewhat close reminder of friendship. But seeing her rare display of retardation… meh, I rather be without her.

Double morales

Michelle thinks I am selfdestructing and ruining many friendships with the debates about veganism with them. I see why she thinks that way and why she wants to protect me from it. But most of the time, I genuinely hope that by discussing it at least there is a little seed that has sprouted. Unless the recipent is as dense as a wet towel. Which many people are.

Well, to protect myself and the few friendships I have left, I won’t go into the whole “love is not compatible with killing” arguements. Even though I find it genuinely retarded to believe you can love and care for someone and then just kill it because “I like the taste”.

Either way, if the subject would have been anything else than veganism… let’s say transphobia, homophobia or even feminism I would have been applauded by many and encouraged to continue my social justice warrior ways. But no, when it comes to a subject that lets others realize that they are not the only ones living on this planet and should care for the billions of animals that loses their lives based on a consumption that we humans do not need… yea, then I am the bad guy because I offend peoples’ foods.

I will just leave this here:

  • There are thousands of alternatives to meat, dairy and egg. You are just lazy to not research it. Oh, you don’t care because you like the taste? I am glad, the taste is spices, which you can literally recreate.
    • Oh, meat is easy to come by and vegan food is bland? What do you think vegans eat, grass? Just google vegan bbq, vegan dinner, vegan lunch etc, you will see millions of recipes that look better and are not restricted around a piece of carcass. When you remove the “my dish needs to be centered around a dead someone” factor you are open to a million of options.
  • All the nutrients found in meat have other sources. If your body can not take up pure supplements you’d be darned that it can not take up the filthy protein from animals, because surprise, surprise(!) protein is not the only thing you take up from a dead body, you also take up the bad toxins which your body rejects. But tell me more how you suddenly came over a PhD in nutrient values.
    • 90% of vegans have better nutrient values when they become vegan than when they were meat eaters.
  • You make it how you want to make it. You want to be an unhealthy fat vegan? Go for it, you have a ton of cakes, fat food etc. You want to be a body builder vegan? Go for it, you probably will get better results and feel better than the typical meat body builder. You want to be a normal vegan? Be that then.

I just need to find vegan friends.

Dumb shit Meat-eaters say #1

This will be the start of a blog series, where I will take screens from various different places – add a few comments I agree to them from either comment sections or myself.

First off, we have a vegan sidekick image, he always does a lot of fun comics to make people realize what they do to animals, themselves and to our planet. But he also sees a lot of mouth diarrhea from people that try to justify killing animals… and this one. Wow, this one just made me realize some people go to very different lengths just to stay consistent.

I added two comments from two individuals that made me realize further how stupid this person was.


Back from blogvacation!

I accidentally took a pretty decent blogvacation, because I noticed my blog ended up to be about very angry rants about anti-veganism, anti-feminism, transphobia and homophobia – probably much more but those are the big four – and I noticed that I also got genuinely angry whenever I was writing about those subjects, for example: I was intensely pissed off typing the last Q&A and I really do not want to be angry (sure, once in a while a sneaky angry rant will come back into it) but I do not want my blog to be built out of anger.

So now when we got that out of the way, I am back! I intend to write regularly again and I feel refreshed from trying to choose what things will make me angry and what things will just irritate me instead (I have way too many triggers)…obviously I can never get away from being angry at matters clsoe to my heart but I can choose not to react to it and get myself even more riled up. I will react if my friends, family or people in my surroundings make statements out of ignorance but I will not go out of my way to argue about it with strangers. Seems like a good deal, I might break it though – probably sooner than later, that’s so Nela~. At least this deal helps with vegan issues unless something is directed towards me, on the other hand the antifeminism, transphobia/hate and homophobia/hate I WILL NOT tolerate. You should never be silent!

Dear creepy heterosexual men…

Dear creepy heterosexual men guarding our bathrooms,

My entire life, I’ve been told to fear you in one way or another. I’ve been told to cover my body as to not distract you in school, to cover my body to help avoid unwanted advances or comments, to cover my body as to not tempt you to sexually assault me, to reject your unwanted advances politely as to not anger you. I’ve been taught to never walk alone at night, to hold my keys in my fist while walking in parking lots, to check the backseat of my car, to not drink too much because you might take advantage of me. I’ve been told what I should and shouldn’t do with my body as to not jeopardize my relationships with you.

I’ve been warned not to emasculate you, to let “boys be boys”, to protect your fragile ego and to not tread on your even more fragile masculinity. I’ve been taught to keep my emotions in check, to let you be the unit of measure for how much emotion is appropriate and to adjust my emotions accordingly. I’ve been taught that you’re allowed to categorize women into mothers/sisters/girlfriends/wives/daughters but any woman outside of your protected categories is fair game.

So to those of you who think you’re being helpful by “protecting” me and my fellow women, you’re like a shark sitting in the Lifeguard chair. I wasn’t uncomfortable until you showed up at the pool and the only potential predator I see is you.

Your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and daughters don’t need you to walk them to the bathroom for safety. Your fathers, brothers, friends and sons need to walk themselves away from their own double standards. Women are sexually harassed and sexually assaulted on school campuses, on the street, at their jobs, on the Internet, in their own homes, in ANY public place. And it has been excused or ignored for so long because of what you and I are taught from the first years of our interactions with each other: You, as a male, are not accountable for your own actions. It’s MY responsibility, as a female, to not “provoke” you. But then you get to Knight-In-Shining-Armor your way through life for those in your protected categories and I am expected to applaud you. Why the outrage now over bathrooms? Why aren’t you outraged every single day?

If you’re telling me that there are high volumes of boys and men out there, in schools or in general, who are just waiting for a “loop hole” to sexually assault girls and women, we have bigger problems on our hands than bathrooms. The first problem would be your apparent lack of knowledge of how often it happens OUTSIDE of bathrooms, with no “loop holes” needed. This isn’t about Transgender bathroom access. This is about you not trusting the boys and men in your communities and/or fearing that they’re all secretly predators. Why do you have this fear? How many fathers have panicked when their daughters started dating because they “know how teenaged boys can be because they used to be one”? How many times have girls been warned “boys are only after one thing”? A mother can bring her young son into the women’s restroom and that’s fine but a father bringing his young daughter into the men’s restroom is disturbing because men are assumed to be predators and “little girls” shouldn’t be exposed to that.

So instead of picking up your sword and heading to Target or the girls’ locker room to defend our “rights”, why don’t you start somewhere that could actually make a difference? Challenge your children’s schools to end sexist dress codes and dress codes that sexualize girls as young as age 5. Advocate for proper (or any) sex education classes in all public schools by a certain grade level. Focus more on teaching your sons not to rape vs teaching your daughters how to avoid being raped. Stop asking “How would you feel if that was your mother or sister?” It shouldn’t take the comparison to clue you in to what’s right or wrong. Question why you’re more worried about your daughter being around men than your son being around women in bathrooms and dressing rooms. Stop walking by Victoria’s Secret with no problem but covering your son’s eyes if a woman is breastfeeding in public. Stop treating your daughter’s body as some fortress you’re sworn to protect as if that’s all she’s got to offer the world.

Written by Mo Squared –

It is not only about the bathrooms in America, THIS is the fucking struggle as a female overall. Stop the hate, stop the witch hunting!

Why I am a feminist

Patriarchy taught me that I need to get a man in my life. Feminism taught me that I can meet whoever I want, if I want.

Patriarchy taught me that females should be silenced when they have been raped and that they can only be blamed for it, not the rapist. Feminism taught me how to dare to open up about my own rape and work against it. Feminism taught me that it was not my fault.

Patriarchy taught me that I need to be silent and cute. Feminism taught me to point finger and stand up for my rights.

Patriarchy taught me that men like natural females, but that I am ugly without makeup. Feminism taught me to laugh at it.

Patriarchy taught me that you had to pity men that beat up women, because they can not be responsible for their actions – the females were at blameFeminism taught me to not feel sorry for a savage.

Patricarchy taught me that I was a disgusting slut because I love sex. But that I am a dry and prude cunt if I say no. Feminism taught me to fuck how much and how little I wanted.

Patriarchy taught me that I need to strive for mens’ confirmation. Feminism taught me to validate myself.

Patriarchy taught me that I am a pathetic fucking bitch. Feminism taught me that I am a strong and independent individual.

Patriarchy taught me that the mannequins were disgusting, but that I was disgusting if I did not look like them. Feminism taught me that my body; it is mine.

To everyone that questions anyone for why they would be a feminist.
The question is: Why would YOU not want to be a feminist?