Back from blogvacation!

I accidentally took a pretty decent blogvacation, because I noticed my blog ended up to be about very angry rants about anti-veganism, anti-feminism, transphobia and homophobia – probably much more but those are the big four – and I noticed that I also got genuinely angry whenever I was writing about those subjects, for example: I was intensely pissed off typing the last Q&A and I really do not want to be angry (sure, once in a while a sneaky angry rant will come back into it) but I do not want my blog to be built out of anger.

So now when we got that out of the way, I am back! I intend to write regularly again and I feel refreshed from trying to choose what things will make me angry and what things will just irritate me instead (I have way too many triggers)…obviously I can never get away from being angry at matters clsoe to my heart but I can choose not to react to it and get myself even more riled up. I will react if my friends, family or people in my surroundings make statements out of ignorance but I will not go out of my way to argue about it with strangers. Seems like a good deal, I might break it though – probably sooner than later, that’s so Nela~. At least this deal helps with vegan issues unless something is directed towards me, on the other hand the antifeminism, transphobia/hate and homophobia/hate I WILL NOT tolerate. You should never be silent!

Why I am a feminist

Patriarchy taught me that I need to get a man in my life. Feminism taught me that I can meet whoever I want, if I want.

Patriarchy taught me that females should be silenced when they have been raped and that they can only be blamed for it, not the rapist. Feminism taught me how to dare to open up about my own rape and work against it. Feminism taught me that it was not my fault.

Patriarchy taught me that I need to be silent and cute. Feminism taught me to point finger and stand up for my rights.

Patriarchy taught me that men like natural females, but that I am ugly without makeup. Feminism taught me to laugh at it.

Patriarchy taught me that you had to pity men that beat up women, because they can not be responsible for their actions – the females were at blameFeminism taught me to not feel sorry for a savage.

Patricarchy taught me that I was a disgusting slut because I love sex. But that I am a dry and prude cunt if I say no. Feminism taught me to fuck how much and how little I wanted.

Patriarchy taught me that I need to strive for mens’ confirmation. Feminism taught me to validate myself.

Patriarchy taught me that I am a pathetic fucking bitch. Feminism taught me that I am a strong and independent individual.

Patriarchy taught me that the mannequins were disgusting, but that I was disgusting if I did not look like them. Feminism taught me that my body; it is mine.

To everyone that questions anyone for why they would be a feminist.
The question is: Why would YOU not want to be a feminist?