Caught up in Legion~

Been playing so much World of Warcraft again that I have forgotten about the blog… sorry! I will be up and at it again from now on – hopefully~. Going to post a bunch of screenshots from World of Warcraft and also show my cute pocketgirlfriends new outfits. Oh my, I might have become a tad bit obnoxious, but right now, I do not care. So much serious stuff going on in real life anyway that you got to make some silly or weird blogposts.

Silly… but cute~!

Been on-going drama between friendgroups, the guild, family and real life events/appointments. So excuse me for a lackluster blogpost, but that is what I can and have the will to give out right now.

Can’t sleep…

Went to bed late like usual with Michelle, around 3.00, woke up again and tossed until now (5.05) and then I decided to go up. I am completely and fully awake i.e I do not feel a single shred of fatigue in my body, only in my eyes – but not the sort of tiredness you need to sleep. Is this nicotine craving induced or just a one-time thing? I really hope for the latter.

I feel horrible for actually waking up Michelle putting on clothes, I tried to do it very silently but she has a sensitive sleepsense for that apparently. Or the light from the moon in our roofwindow gets shadowed by me multiple times in a row and that messes with the eyelid sensitivity? Either way I still feel guilty for telling her to fall asleep again, knowing it is a 50/50 chance for her to be able to do so…

Time to showcase my new mage in World of Warcraft – the best time of the day to do so too! Haha, don’t want this post to only be complaining. I do have a smexy mage! I have fun again in WoW and I am looking forward to Legion. Probably because I am playing with people I enjoy playing with now and there are little to none obligations and responsibilities. This blog has seen its fair share of me complaining about officer-life…

Apparently I also have a thing for making my characters look like different classes compared to what class they are. My druid looks like a rogue, my mage looks like a priest and my priest looks like a warlock. I have no idea why!

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I know it’s early but… good morning!