Day Z Adventures #1

We have been playing a lot of Day Z, but I will start showing off adventures we did with friends. This time Drudrutt joined us and we managed to survive a very long time. I will write small paragraphs “roleplaying” as my character to make it way more immersive.


After scavenging weapons, food, water and odd items at the coast we decided as a team to run towards the military strips/airbases and towns more inland. We found a functioning car, sadly the tires were all ruined so we could not activate it and drive off into the sunset. It was heavy rain falling down upon us so we had to seek shelter.


Luckily for us there was a house close by, we chopped some firewood and decided to heat up in the already scavenged kitchen. The rain stopped but we decided to stay a while to let our clothes dry up.


We were discussing where to go next, we decided to head even more inland to a town called Rorka (the town names are all in Russian and it is the Russian pronounciation of it).


We ran for a very long time until we came across three other guys that were fixing a car. We decided to lay low and see if we could pick them off to steal the car. They were probably pulling a joke on this poor man, they kept on driving away from him while he tried to get into the car. Little did they know that they doomed him…


The car circled back to try and find us with the dead mans’ mates. We hid behind a small wall, looking to find the drop on the driver. It was very intense!


Michelle decides to make a run for the gunner that jumped out of the car, it was very late at night so we agreed to it – not seeing it as a bad idea.


But it was a very, very bad idea! I am left alone for survival, having been shot multiple times – I tried to run to their unconscious bodies with epipens to revive them quickly, but got met with a man standing with a gun over Michelles’ body – my world is slowly becoming gloomier. I patched myself up hiding in a bush and I had to stay there for a while aiming for the car that was looking for me. I do not know how many people were alive from their side, but both Michelle and Drudrutt did get some shots in on both of them! I am too scared to move so I wait until the sound of the car can’t be heard anymore.


I ran on the outskirts of the town, keeping an eye out for both the car and other humans. The dead can wait, the humans are way more dangerous. There is no dishonor or disgrace in surviving in a world made cruel by people that give you no other choice than to become a bandit, even if you always just wanted to be a travelling trade merchant.



This song keeps making me pumped to play League, but I never do. Haha, weird right? Either way, I love the first verse for Lulu (Lilypichu raps it, which makes it even more amazing) and Teemo’s verse just kills, it made me check out Popushi’s channel and I subbed! They did an amazing job!

We have been playing a lot of Day Z, I ended up being brutally axed down and eaten – the person ate my corpse! He contacted me on Steam afterwards apologizing for it with some random excuse about having a bad day in Day Z. I knew I should not have trusted him after he tried to kill me first. Swear though that the only reason he apologized was because I was female, having a vagina can be convenient and inconvenient at the same time…

I might not be cutting my hair next month, I want to. I am looking into shaving my right side, cutting side bangs and layering the rest of my hair + dyeing it fire red like usual. I know I usually do not do anything “drastic” when I go to the barber, but this time I really want to try something new. If I enjoy the look I will continue using it!

Skyforge Classes! (costumes)

I enjoy the game Skyforge and more or less my blog is about me, what I like, how I live and my opinions. So why not also write down about the games I enjoy? Yay, nice going Nela, you are on fire!

Anyway, the class- and progression system is really in-depth in Skyforge, you do not get the classes instantly, you have three beginning classes:

From left to right: Lightbinder, Paladin and Cryomancer with respective costume. Support, tank and Damage Dealer. These are given in the beginning, you can even play the whole game as either one of them but you can also grind yourself into new classes! A small sneakpeak of the Ascension Atlas (progression) system – it is so much bigger than this image can tell, but couldn’t get all of it and this is JUST the upper level (there is one class specific atlas ascension page too…):


The darker blue line is just showing me the path to Slayer. Which is another class – you are able to try out all classes in the training room and see where you want to go if you now want to change into a class you enjoy more. And while trying them out and finishing the training program for one or all classes you get the costume the class wear! Gear is not a matter in this game, weapon and rings seem to be the bigger deal to hunt gear for. You have costumes instead. And here are the costumes for all the different classes besides the three already shown (in total it is 13 classes with the beginner ones, these are costumes by the way – not classes, so my character is a lightbinder you might see that by the scepter):

  • Archer
    • Bows, bows, bows and moooore bows! Very quick and agile combatstyle, loved it when I tested it out. Second class I will be going for after Slayer.
  • Monk
    • This one just made me rethink the whole concept of monk playstyles, it is so fast and so rewarding.
  • Berserker
    • If you ever want to be a class that holds this massive weapon while doing it in a pretty semifastslow fashion and doing heavy damage… this is for you!
  • Knight
    • Tank, pretty cool playstyle, felt like I was a DPS when I tried it out but all those defensive abilities should have made a tankalarm go off – I was probably a bit too slow to understand it, wink~.
  • Gunner
    • If archer is about bows, gunner is all about heavy machinery. You literally carry this huge ass minigun/rocket launcher/plasma canon. Pretty quick combat but requires you to be stationairy quite often.
  • Kinetic
    • Energy manipulation, straight out of fantasy sci-fi, was pretty darn fun.
  • Alchemist
    • Support, you are a half-mad scientist with access to an arsenal of corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. Pretty darn cool, plus you got tentacles coming out of your portable aclhemy laboratory that spits acid!
  • Necromancer
    • This felt really slow to me, but it might not be for others. You use really flashy spells, cool summons and you sacrifice life to deal damage.
  • Slayer
    • My favourite, so quick combat and you feel more than a rogue, you feel like an assassin!
  • Witch/warlock
    • Dark sorcery, felt like a DOT (damage over time) class, you have sustained DPS and consumable burst, you run debuffs on your targets all day!

And last but not least, a brief explaination about the classes you can choose from at the start:

  • Lightbinder
    • Support, increases ally damage and shielding them from incoming. They do great damage though, you do not feel like “just a support”.
  • Paladin
    • Tank, they can spamshield themselves, they do a great amount of damage and they have very cool looking abilities.
  • Cryomancer
    • This is literally a frostmage, they can move while doing a ton of damage and can crowd control well!

I also enjoy food; today we ate tacos, and… instead of any other meat replacer I put mushrooms (champignons to be specific) on it. It had the flare that it was missing, don’t take me wrong they taste REALLY good with just the vegetables in them but they did gain another good taste with the mushies. We did forget the red onion though, bah. Well, we know that until the next time, woopwoop!

The chopping board misses the red onion, it looks so empty.

My engagement ring is laying next to it, I am always careful to not grease it down~.


I am enjoying this game, Michelle seems to have fun so I hope it lasts. It is a really pretty game, combat is fastpaced and you feel really strong with your flashy abilities and most of all, you are having fun with it. I spent an entire questchain with Michelle running around and just massacring stuff.

The facial features are gorgeous! The first four pictures are hairstyles I was leaning towards and the last one is how my character currently looks. I am a support, Lightbinder, and I feel immensely powerful! I based my character on Ciri from Witcher 3 – was gonna base it on me, but there wasn’t any haircolours that were bright red. Sad days…


This game has the greatest atmosphere ever, it took me days to venture out of the safe shallows and into the mushroom forest and then further into the koosh zone… I kept on hearing noises and wanted to turn back soooo badly. But I finally got my seamoth upgrade station and MICHMOTH IS ALIIIIIVE! 

Also yes, Michmoth is bright red, will always be bright red, because that is Michie’s favourite colour.

Overwatch PotG/Highlights!

I love that Michelle has Overwatch closed beta, we do not know for how long so I am just playing whenever I feel like it. She actually bought it for me as a birthday gift so sweet, it was even the Origins version with all the nice in-game goodies. D’aawww I am the happiest Michmoth in the world.

I wanna display my superior Overwatch skills (cough cough) with these four videos. I kid! They are only for funzies. PotG – Play of the Game – is literally the weirdest system at the moment and it takes really… shitty moments sometimes. But you learn to live with it.

I will mainly display four different champions so I will just write a small paragraph about them and why I enjoy playing them.

D.VA is an all time favourite champion, not only because her voice lines are Japanese and she is immensely cute with her mecha unit but her kit feels so strong in all situations. Her ult is literally a small nuclear bomb letting loose upon her enemies. Plus one more video showcasing a skin for her!

Pharah, oh you lovely Egyptian fairy, her rockets feels so powerful and her ult is incredibly useful to defend/attack points or just clear a path for her teammates. You can go 1v1 with most heroes, which is incredibly fun.

Lucio, one of my favourite supports – oh wait, they all are my favourite supports! It is just that his abilities makes you able to do a lot of funny stuff, like in the video I will post you will see me knock someone of the edge, NO REMORSE! His ult is very situational and if you do not pop it at the right time, there is no advantage sadly, other than your teammates walking around with a massive shield.

Hanzo, ahh I can never decide which one to take between Widowmaker and Hanzo when it comes to sniping. Both are intense and very good! Hanzo is the bowsniper though, which has a minor advantage in my world (archers for the win!). His ult is also a goddamn dragon!