Overwatch PotG/Highlights!

I love that Michelle has Overwatch closed beta, we do not know for how long so I am just playing whenever I feel like it. She actually bought it for me as a birthday gift so sweet, it was even the Origins version with all the nice in-game goodies. D’aawww I am the happiest Michmoth in the world.

I wanna display my superior Overwatch skills (cough cough) with these four videos. I kid! They are only for funzies. PotG – Play of the Game – is literally the weirdest system at the moment and it takes really… shitty moments sometimes. But you learn to live with it.

I will mainly display four different champions so I will just write a small paragraph about them and why I enjoy playing them.

D.VA is an all time favourite champion, not only because her voice lines are Japanese and she is immensely cute with her mecha unit but her kit feels so strong in all situations. Her ult is literally a small nuclear bomb letting loose upon her enemies. Plus one more video showcasing a skin for her!

Pharah, oh you lovely Egyptian fairy, her rockets feels so powerful and her ult is incredibly useful to defend/attack points or just clear a path for her teammates. You can go 1v1 with most heroes, which is incredibly fun.

Lucio, one of my favourite supports – oh wait, they all are my favourite supports! It is just that his abilities makes you able to do a lot of funny stuff, like in the video I will post you will see me knock someone of the edge, NO REMORSE! His ult is very situational and if you do not pop it at the right time, there is no advantage sadly, other than your teammates walking around with a massive shield.

Hanzo, ahh I can never decide which one to take between Widowmaker and Hanzo when it comes to sniping. Both are intense and very good! Hanzo is the bowsniper though, which has a minor advantage in my world (archers for the win!). His ult is also a goddamn dragon!