Diablo 3

There is a new season going on in Diablo 3, so me and Michelle decided to hop in and play some. I decided to go for a Demon Hunter, breaking my Monk tyranny (in my character list, haha) and for once, I am not bored after two days of playing. I have already almost all the gear I need to clear t10 and after that it will be a ton of minimaxing for my part.

The reason I am not getting bored so quickly this time is because I am actually getting the required and wanted drops. On my monks I never, ever, did. Which resulted in demotivation. But now I am so motivated to keep going that I actually genuinely enjoy it again. Even though it is the same old, same old.


Looooove the Mercy wings – a hero from Overwatch. You got it for ordering Overwatch: Origins.