Good evening

Well, figured I could do the next post about now. Might be a mix of both happy and depressive. But that is me, a mix between “omfg this gigglemaniac” and “omfg this depressed cunt”.

Well, I am actively receiving help now/again. Going through EMDR, normal therapy and medication to gain anxiety relief. I also have a help-person that comes over to my place, to help me do things, like go outside, cleaning etc. Low motivation make that happen. I really want to go outside sometimes, but the crippling anxiety (I made myself chuckle) hinders me. But I am working on it and I think I am making some kind of progress. Even though they may seem tiny. So I have this going on for me, which is better than nothing.

While I am working on moving back to Sweden. Michelle and I broke up on Christmas Eve, which means that we are living as room-mates until I have the ability to travel back, with Keiko, to Sweden. I have decided to go by train, easier with a catbox. Every break-up is messy, but I think we made a mature decision and we ended it on neutral terms. Just a bit awkward/hard to go back to just being friends, almost lost the ability to do so.

I want to type more emotional content, but I don’t know. Don’t really know how to put it in words. I guess. As said, I don’t know.

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