I had the greatest idea ever!

Imagine an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in the Harry Potter universe!


Without even knowing any details this sounds already like an amazing idea right? I know! Add to it with an open world and immersion from a game like Witcher 3 and you got a big time opportunity to make something good become great (i.e a single player game but in MMORPG format!). Time to go deep into the details of my idea:

  • Everyone will be playing as humans, the universe has multiple different humanoid creatures, but for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft (only a zone in the universe, which you can choose to go to or not – more about it later) there will only be pure-blooded wizards/witches and muggle-born wizards/witches. You will be able to choose between being a pure blood (born into a family of magic and surrounded by all the mysteries from birth) or a muggle (growing up as a normal human, not knowing of your competent skill in magic).
  • You will obviously be able to choose first- and surname – might be a bit redundant to have both names, could settle for only one first name and/or nickname.
  • There will be a system of traits or skills to already spend points into, in the character customization screen. Think the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system from the Fallout genre, but not quite the same. Every level you achieve will further your trait/skill tree and grow larger with more options to choose from – think Skyforge talent trees or Path of Exiles skill tree.
    • Intelligence, Bravery, Modesty, Cunning, Athleticism, Spell-knowledge, Potion-knowledge, Dark Arts knowledge, Heroism, Cowardice, Herbalism-knowledge, Magical Creature-knowledge, Social Skill (Extroverted, Introverted, In-Between) are just many of the traits/skill sets you would be able to customise during the game and during the character customization.
      • With every point you spend into a trait (not in skills) another point from the opposite trait will be subtracted. You can balance it all out or you can go full-blown anything!
      • These traits/skills will help your character in every aspect of the game. You are in a duel with another player and your cowardice is high? Most likely your character will take time charging/casting spells and might sometimes panic (quick time events to get back right into it). Same scenario but with bravery in the high-end scale: you will rarely panic during battles, it will still happen but it would have to be a lot of pressure on your character (maybe a dragon or too many enemies at once etc).
      • The more you level up the closer you are to graduating Hogwarts (if you chose to go to the school) and go into the adult world of magic, if you chose to not you might already have started in it etc.
  • An in-depth customization of character looks, no one should be forced to look the same – you can if you really would want to.
    • A system like Black Desert Online‘s would be amazing, with save files you could download – if you would want to look like a celebrity or just found a good avatar that you want to shape into yourself.
    • Everyone will be human, but you could choose to have a bit more pointy ears, different pupil/eye shapes, maybe a bit bigger canines etc – your bloodline might not just be humans…
  • Likes and Dislikes – these will affect how well you will do in certain classes and/or activities, and whom you would be able to get along with – obviously you can get along with everyone (it is an mmo hurrdurrrrhurr), but your character can get attracted/repelled by certain hobbies and favourites of some players – you are able to work around these, but your character (and most likely yourself) can voice your/their opinion/s about it – it is an ice-breaker!
    • And can help you choose how you will let it affect your character and the way you interact with others.
    • This might not have the biggest gameplay breaking ability, but it helps with immersion.
  • The world will be open, much like our real life world. It will not be very fantasy-like unless you step into a hidden-from-the-muggles zone. Like the wizard cities, wild creature zones etc.
    • Raids and dungeons would be instanced.
      • Dungeons might be classes (the more physically magic ones, like Dark Arts) at Hogwarts, exploration missions in the open world (entering a cave to find something/someone or walk into a forest to sedate/knockout wildlife (as in unicorns, massive spiders, giants, centaurs etc) that have strayed too close to a muggle place). This can easily be brainstormed upon more and I would love comments (on anything too obviously -cheesy smile- hehe).
      • Raids, ahh, this is something I haven’t really thought through yet (I will be updating this regularly with ideas from myself and others, and probably make a new blog post every time linking back to older versions of it). I am open for anything!
      • Hogwarts would be instanced too, with its own open world in an open world – haha. Classes (could be individual dungeons with an NPC teacher, a student-filled room with an NPC teacher (interactive one) or dungeons, all of these would consist of many different lessons such as spellcasting: defence against the dark arts, transfiguration, charms, magic alchemy (transmuting and finding your elemental affinity), apparition (close to teleportation – easier classes would be learning how to create fireplace portals, communication through mirrors/fires/water and could go deeper into teleporting a few metres away to speed up walking/climbing/running etc without harming others and yourself – like the class in the movies/books you only have one chance to fail or pass either one), magical creature tending, herbalistic creatures and plants tending/learning, study of ancient runes (the ones that decide to walk this path unlock more classes and/or abilities – will get to the class system soon) and flying.
      • Your traits/skills chosen will be affecting how, if and when you can learn from the different lessons.
  • After “school” you can get a job, it is not a permanent job i.e you can quit it and choose another one, you can even be unemployed or employed by an organisation etc. You can travel the world, experience many different opportunities. These jobs would turn out as regular “quests”, always something to do… maybe one time you have to be an assistant, maybe you need to track down something/someone etc. It all depends on the job and/or profession you decided to go for.
    • There would be a penalty to quit a job though, like a week before you could jump into something new.
    • This would not hinder you doing raids/dungeons or any other event.
  • Class system… oh, this is a tough nut. I want to keep the holy trio – tank, healer and DPS. Because I am quite comfortable with it. I have an idea on how to keep it decent and not too cluttery, but it might be way too “whaaaaat…” so just bear with me! I do want to break the whole “class”-system though: if you want to be a damage heavy healer you should be able to. The players make up the names of the classes! If this was real, there would obviously be sites and subreddits to form the specific class you would want – you can also experiment! Balancing hopefully would not be an issue – shivers just thinking about it. There will be many different classes/versions of the roles. Hybrids will probably be very common.
    • There will be many different classes/versions of the roles. Hybrids will probably be very common.
      • Tanks would probably be good at shielding themselves/others, keeping threat with high damage but slow casting/recharge times and increased mana/life essence/orbs/any kind of resource cost.
      • Healers… so many ideas. You could be a DPS that has a big party cooldown, you could be a pure healer that focuses on casting spells that mends the wounds caused on your party members, a shield support that rather prevent damage than mend it etc.
      • You could be a full blown glass cannon, a literal transformer (chuckled hard), specialized in different aspects (lifting heavy things and throwing it at the target, making the target suffer physical wounds from dreaded curses etc)  etc. Can brainstorm so much more on this, I wish I had from the beginning already!
    • There might be a holy trio but there is no requirement to use it. You can go in wand blazing with just DPS for example!
    • There can be five different “classes” available in the beginning and with classes, experiences, special skill points and knowledge gain more classes/abilities can be unlocked. You can mix them up and become a completely different class compared to what you were or you can just switch to whatever you want.
  • Animations for spells, transformations, ruin knowledge would be very, very flashy obviously. You need to get some feedback for using them, so if you would cast a disarming spell you would be able to see the wand fly out of the hand of a player (for example) and the person would have to run and get it.
  • Player versus Player… I think this is where the game would shine.
    • The adult world and the school world would have different kinds of PvP. In school you would be able to duel, have a 3v3 or 5v5 etc and in the adult world you could see bigger battlegrounds, objective holding and maybe some world PvP – still being able to duel and do 3v3/5v5s/etc.
    • It would be more strategic gameplay than just “FOCUS THIS ONE NOW”.
  • There would be “factions”. The four houses of Hogwarts (if not going to school you can select favourite house in the character customization screen):
    • Gryffindor
    • Ravenclaw
    • Slytherin
    • Hufflepuff
      • Your traits will play a role in where you would be sorted and a questionnaire would help with putting you in the house you would want to be in.
    • You can hang out with friends from different houses. But your student hall etc would be in one of four different locations:
      • Gryffindor would be in a tower, just like Ravenclaw, not close to another though.
      • Slytherin would be underground, basement-like environment.
      • Hufflepuff would be located close to the school’s kitchens.

Right now this is all I have thought through! Feel free to comment with ideas and opinions.

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