Hello from the other side!

Been away for a small period of time, been binge-watching The 100, we stopped when season 2 came out and started it again, soon season 3 will end. Going to bingewatch that too, well probably tomorrow already and then wait until next weeks final episode. Will do a later “Nela Reviews~” for each of the seasons and then the last season next week.

Still really disappointed Lexarke did not happen as I wanted it to, they did kiss yes, hottest scene in the show must say (mostly because both characters spoke to me on different levels), down with Finnarke!

So want them together, do not know if it will happen though. It gotta happen! Not that I think Clarke will forgive her that quick for what she did – which will be told in a later post, aww yiss, we like waiting!

Either Lexa or Bellamy, Bellamy is the mature to Clarke’s growth and Lexa is the ruthlessness she needs to be able to survive. It is a hard choice! Both are valid candidates in my opinion, Bellarke or Lexarke, it is a hard choice. EITHER MUST HAPPEN!

We have been eating very fresh and cold dinners lately, besides today – cold day for once. Been having over 25 degrees during a week or so. Mostly been tacos – only the vegetables and the vegan bread (sliced tomatoes, cucumber, green/yellow bell pepper, red onion, mild salsa sauce and corn (for me, it would probably send Michelle into a really unstable state where I would have to call the ambulance again), and today we ate spaghetti, pasta sauce (with basilicum) with red onion, scallions, mushrooms (for me, yet again) and parsley – on the side it was a bowl with leaf salad and cucumbers topped with garlic sauce.

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