Twisted minds of bigots keep on… not surprising me.


Comments on the image that resonated really well with me:

“That’s why these people support these bills. They genuinely think everyone is as fucked up as they are.”

“We must not allow blameless innocents to have the freedom to do what we would do if we thought we could get away with it.”

“Gotta love how loudly they scream to cover up their own sins”

“I don’t even see how this is even an argument in the modern world. If you want to catch a glimpse of a boob badly enough, choose a word, any word will do, type it into Google Image Search, and start scrolling down. You’ll find a boob eventually. It’s not like we’re still living in the days where you had to bribe a homeless man to buy you a Playboy.”

I agree fully. Only ignorant inbreds can justify taking away human rights while humiliating anyone that might fit their -phobia (or in bad cases any kind of hate). I also saw in the comments an info section about TERF’s (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist/Feminism… oooh this hits right up my anger alley) and how their feminism have decided to only work for “real” women. They decided to mingle into it with a statement such as: “It’s trans activism’s fault for saying all you have to do is claim you feel like a woman. We have to protect real women against men who’ll use the loophole.” For me, people like this can just fuck off. What decides what is a real woman and whatnot? Before it was two simple things (I heard this so many times and to this day I am not a real ass woman -chuckle-): 1. regular period. 2. having sex. That is what classified you as a “REAL ASS WOMAN” (I heard this even from the older generation, such as my grandma got told that when she was younger…) but it doesn’t.

TERF… bah… is just that shitty person you really fucking hate and want to avoid to all costs. That guy that reduces you to a walking vagina, that compares your sexuality and desire for sex to an open bank and rolls on the floor laughing at you because “if you let doors on a bank stay open you should expect it to get robbed”. That guy that keeps on objectifying women everywhere, that has this sick perversion of not wanting to understand that women – any kind – are their own individuals, and just as much person as he or anyone else is, and not a plaything or a bank or a couch or a fucking whatever you want to compare a womans vagina to. Because that is what they do, they do not see women as women other than if you have a vagina=you are a woman. They are reducing you, a fully capable person to a damn genitalia. I do not understand how people want to support an organisation like this, but I guess it resonates with some peoples closed minds and their idea of how everyone should be.

I would not be able to be friends with someone that supported TERF or anything like it, “my” Michelle is just as much woman as any other woman, she has the same rights as anyone else and she also is a feminist, but she wouldn’t try and throw more sexism into the mix, she genuinely wants it to be equal for both sexes and all genders. I do not want anyone to come up to her and tell her based on her being born with a penis it invalidates her every effort to become who she truely is because “you are not a real woman because you do not have a vagina”. Fuck that mentality and attitude, we all are people, we are all here on Earth together.

I know I generalized with my statement in the former post about some states in America being so backwards, I am both sorry and not sorry. There is a small truth in there and people need to acknowledge it, in acknowledging it you can do something about it. It is the same principle of let’s say… ANYTHING, if you pull the card “blame not enough people to do anything about anything~” you should know that if you actively support a cause you are doing something, in every possible way. You do not have to force your beliefs or ideals onto someone but you can reason with them, and that is where change starts for a better world together.


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