Oh my lovely manga!

I got my early birthday gift today, yay! Well, I ordered it, but it is a gift from both me and Michelle… to me. It is this lovely shoujo-ai manga called “Girl Friends” and as soon as I have read both of the collections (two books with like four volumes each?) I will do a reviewer Nela~ about it. I really did not expect them to be thick, my latest manga wasn’t. But apparently I did not read the small part “COMPLETE COLLECTION 1/2”. There are more than just one volume. More to read for Nela and Michie~.

Ate a lovely “chicken” schnitzel burger with a lot of vegetables, tomatoes with salt, so good. God, I love food, since Michelle and I went vegetarian – and I went vegan after a while – she has shown me so much different and wonderful food. I would never have eaten steamed vegetables before, I never imagined that I would eat cauliflower almost everyday (IT IS SO GOOD) and she has opened a lot of doors for me. Also veganism has helped me in defeating my “food” fears and I want to try out everything! I even tried making avocado milkfree chocolate balls, but turns out that I do not like avocado as much as I want to enjoy it.

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