Vegetarian… why?

15/4 2016 edit: I went vegan after a couple of weeks.

Well, I guess that is the biggest “WTF!” moment at the moment, I haven’t even told my family about it yet. I told Alma about it and she congratulated me and Michelle and told us that she was happy for us. I am happy for us too, it just feels better to eat things healthy for you.

Why though?
I became a (semi)vegetarian because I wanted to stop harming animals and “justify” it with that everyone else is doing it. If I don’t take the first step to change me, my life and my surroundings why would I expect it from other people? Let’s face it, most individuals are really lazy and pushes it off with comments like “here come the crazy ass vegans again”. But that isn’t it. The only reasons vegans preach about not eating animals or harming the environment is because it is a fact that we are ruining the planet and killing innocent lives. Because they aren’t annoying as some people state, they are only annoying to you as an individual because deep down you know they are right but you just don’t want to listen or admit it.

It is a sort of selfgratification (any reason to decrease the amount of meat you eat or going full vegan is a good reason), I feel good knowing that my family eats vegetarian dishes from now on. The only thing we haven’t been able to lay off completely is chicken (once every two weeks or so) and some dairy products – but it is going the right way!

Red meat is a no-go here in our house. When we do eat chicken or fish we eat it rarely and not big portions, and we tend to go for organic chicken/fish that came from the Netherlands and not outside the country.

Debunking snarky comments
But humans kill humans, they will continue on killing lives no matter what
Yes, but that does not mean that the situation is unchange-able. You can take the first step to change your life and then turn it into changing friends and families’ lives.

The vegetarian/vegan food is so expensive! Why would I buy food that will make me broke when I can buy a ton of meat for the same price of one vegan schnitzel?
Oh my god, do you understand how any kind of system works? Higher demand = lower prices. Look at the meat industry – they massproduce meat from killing more and more animals which keeps the prices low and the demand is so high that they have to increase the slaughter to keep up. But if this demand would direct itself towards the vegetarian sortiment the prices of meat would go higher and vegetarian prices lower. More fields would be able to be used for the vegetarian plants instead of a harvest-areas for animals that are going to get slaughtered (around 60% of Sweden’s fields are for butchery-fields… and I think it is the same in most countries in Europe).

So as said: higher demand on the vegan sortiment will decrease prices while increasing meat prices.

The current situation is more or less: the pricing with meat and vegetarian meat alternatives are almost equal at the moment! So it makes no sense for anyone to complain about it.

I’ll just let someone else do it, so many people I know already are vegan/vegetarian
So? You’re refusing to change your ways because “enough people are vegan/vegetarian?” – are You retarded? If enough people were vegetarian/vegan countless of animals would be able to live their original lifespans, meat would skyrocket in price and the meat departments in every store would be full of vegetarian/vegan alternatives! Fucknut.

So you’re saying every human in the world should be vegan?
No, most people I know that turned to being “planteaters” (saw someone call vegans that will make it mine now) encourages people to at least decrease the amount of meat they eat and buy. I saw the Swedish Animal’s Rights website show off a pretty nice list for people not really wanting to become vegetarians/vegans but at least want to be a part of a better change:

1. Indulge in green – it is the most important thing you can do for the climate and the environment. Not just cucumber and sallad, think nuts, seeds, root vegetables, mushrooms, beans, lentils, tofu, soyproducts etc.

2. Change to organic/ecological – then you contribute to fresher water, happier animals, less poisons and more birds and flowers thrive. Also in countries like Brazil people don’t need to get poisoned when they pluck your bananas or harvest your coffee beans.

3. Choose meat with care – if and when you eat meat, think about lessening the portion and choose ecological and national meat – as a Swede you can pick ecological and Swedish meat.

We need meat everyday to live
No, there is a lot of good proteinsources in the plantkingdowm – nuts, beans, lentils etc are all full of both protein and other necessities that are healthy.

But soybeans then… you contribute to a lot of rainforest devastation!
The human hunger for more meat and dairy has been the driving force of the deforestation of the rainforest. The forest has been chopped down to give room to cattle and intensive growth of soy which has then been made into feed for cows, pigs and birds primarily in the west of the world, such as Sweden.. This has been the leading cause of huge pollutionleaks of greenhouse gas and extermination of animal species and destroyed ecosystem.

It isn’t the soybean itself that creates the problem, it is the huge demand of feed for the “butcheranimals” that makes the intensive cultivation of it.

I hope this will help you to decide if you would want to go vegan/vegetarian, I hope the most for you readers to understand that you don’t have to go fullblown vegan/vegetarian to help animals and our environment (it is the ideal though but eeeh decreasing your meat intake helps in a lot of ways either way!)

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