FAQ about Michelle and Me

I figured with Michelle​ recently “coming out” as transgender to friends and family – facebook included – I should do a sort of FAQ for you guys, so I don’t have to receive the same couple of questions every time someone gets the newsflash of it. Well, let’s start:

(Plenty of these questions Michelle receive on a regular basis, because most of the time they do not have me as a friend close enough so they can ask me.)

1. “What? Did you know about this?”
~ Yes. I met (started talking to her) Michelle in a game when she was on hormones, already started liking her then, when she quit she was still the same person so I’m not really worried for any “personality” changes either (usually a follow-up question to it).

2. “Are you ok with it? Like really..?”
~ Yes. It isn’t my place to stand infront of her happiness, neither is it anyone else’s.

Also thank you for thinking I’m trapped. If I’m caged in the future I’ll be sure to hit you up for help.

3. “So what? You guys are breaking up?” or “How is your relationship gonna turn out now then?”
~ No? Why the question? Because females have to be with males? I see. ONE SEXUALITY TO RULE THEM ALL!

On a more “serious” note: We’re still engaged, planning wedding dresses etc. There is no reason to end a relationship when there is love in it: There isn’t any issues, not from my part or hers.

4. “So what are you sexuality-wise then and are you attracted to breasts/vaginas?”
~ Well, I would call myself pansexual, i.e genderblind. Would explain a lot of things from growing up… like a lot. Don’t really want to go into it. Easier way to say it is that I fall for the personality, not for the gender/genitalia like some people seem to insinuate you have to.

Simplified answer to the second part: Lumps are lumps.

Breasts are breasts – don’t really see the sexual aspect of them. Vaginas are just vaginas, dicks are dicks – to me it makes no difference, both are just attributes. In a harsher way, vaginas and dicks are different kind of meats, one a pipe and another a tunnel, they do not matter by themselves. I did not walk into this – or any – relationship with the intent of hooking up with a genitalia and not a person.

5. “Will she undergo surgery to receive a vagina?”
~ Polite response: I could give an answer but I think this is quite personal and should be taken up with the person in question.

What I really want to say to people asking this question but as in I always try to remain polite I have to write a clause about it: It isn’t your business what kind of genitalia ANYONE has. 

6. “W… Ho… How is this going to string along… I mean, what will happen in the future?”
~ I’ll try to keep the explaination brief because the procedure is pretty detailed and don’t really wanna write down anything that will create misunderstandings: Michelle is going to therapy in Amsterdam and with time the clinic/therapists will decide if she will be ready/”permitted” – what an awful choice for words I decided for – to go through with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) again.

If I’ve forgotten anything that you want to ask, please ask in the comments then. I can’t remember every question, can I?!

If you don’t really understand it: feel free to ask questions – this FAQ was to compile the most asked ones.
If you really dislike this kind of topic, people or anything alike to it (homophobia, transphobia etc): Feel free to fuckety fuck off from my friendlist by yourself.

For everyone that has shown great support and wonderful advice/conversations/compliments: Thank you, you don’t understand how much you help Michelle with her self-esteem and going the distance. We are grateful for your support and we send the love doubled back! 

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