Well, hello there!

Don’t think I forgot about you little bloggibloggi. I just have had a lot of real life stuff going on, with Michelle coming out as transgender, buying clothes/shoes, furniture, remodelling, tax returns etc.

But I will dive right back into it. Gonna do a small list of events that has happened, which will be blogposted – in rapid succession – about.

  • Michelle came out as transgender to family and friends. Mixed responses, different views, loss of friends/contacts and new gained.
  • Become vegetarian, semi-vegetarian – chicken and fish is still on the table, but red meat and dairy is almost completely off.
  • Shoes – SHOES FOR EVERYONE! Me, Michelle, even Keiko – nah, I joked, Keiko has her trustworthy paws.
  • Clothes, a lot of different outfits – a jacket for me too, yay!
  • Bought a whole bunch of new furniture, we’re gonna redecorate/furnish our computer-room – obviously before and after images will come. Will be a lot of decorations too, woopwoop!
  • Trying to quit smoking, hasn’t gone well, but I am sure I will be able to do it.
  • Started playing “Don’t Starve: Together” with Michelle and a bunch of friends, it is awesome! Can’t stop playing it almost, it is really fun.
  • Trying somewhat to change lifestyle to a healthier, more movement-filled one.
Well, there is probably a bunch more I’ve completely forgotten to write down, but be prepared for a flood of blogposts. I will try to blog more frequently – if I remember it, but changing your life and lifestyle takes its toll on different aspects – such as the blog. 
Vegetarian “meat”-sauce with spaghetti.
We bought a soybean-based nut-mass, made into “minced meat”, the consistency checks out and it tastes a lot better too!
We used a whole lot of different fresh vegetables including leek, green peas, corn, onion, mushrooms, low amount of brown beans. We also used a bunch of fresh herbs!

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