Seb, Michelle, he, she – either way I love her

I got some big news that came “up” recently. You all know already that Seb is transgender, right? I’ve talked about it before, she has struggled her whole life with it and recently she decided to go for it again. I know it will make her much happier in life because right now she is prone to depression – well, not nowadays when she can finally be open about it, but before she had really long periods of sadness which she smoothed over with “it’s only during summers…” but it wasn’t only during summers, and I know this because we’ve been together for almost four years now (counting the living part together – the whole period of our relationship I got no clue how long it is).

We’ve gotten positive and negative response from family and friends – also really fucking weird ones, like my dads; he thought that we were fooling around and that was me so the photo was fake and I guess everything I told him about Michelle and transgender he just didn’t listen to, sad to know. I also contacted my mother about it, she was the first one in my family to not be afraid about questioning how our relationship will be (Micaela was actually the first, but this was actually after Michelle coming out to his family/friends, so she isn’t counted!) and she was positive about it and wished Michelle luck.

Well, either way, she is Michelle now and she looks really pretty with makeup on and hair fixed. There has been a lot of on and off retard questions about it to her from her friends, but we manage. According to one if you’re female you can not be with another female, because there is no other sexual orientation than being heterosexual… FEMALE HAS TO BE WITH MALE K? Sorry to disappoint people like that (if some of you that sneaky reads this are like that): that is not how the world fucking works mate/s.

I fell in-love with her during her hormone treatment when I first met her, raised a lot of questions at the time but I just went with it. So I can pretty much guarantee that I will still love her after the transition, who couldn’t? She is really fucking cute and feminime already, always has been. So nothing will change, not like she suddenly will have whole different personality.

Ahh yes, speaking about the sexuality “YOU CAN ONLY BE ONE LOL”-paragraph: I’ve gotten my fair share of questions about my sexuality so let me try and clearify it somewhat/somehow. I would call myself a pansexual, I am genderblind – that would explain a lot of stuff for me growing up. But that stuff is for another blogpost, probably, hopefully, we never know if I will ever make it, lol.

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