Christmas plans?

Do we have any Christmas plans? Not really. We’re going to put up the tree today, decorate it and find a suitable spot for it to be standing at, probably the same as last year, limited space is limited.

Any secret gifts? Not from my side at least, sadly. We agreed on that this Christmas we would buy gifts together for us and for our home. Seb has some secrets though, which I don’t really agree with, because I have nothing for him and it leaves me dumbfounded that it is too late to get anything – we also have money issues, so can’t really buy anything secret.

The third day of Christmas we might be spending it at Gina and Frans, to celebrate with them. This Saturday we’re going to the movies with Tristan, to watch the latest movie of Star Wars. Not that big fan of it, but I’ve seen all the others (barely remembering them…) so would be nice to watch the latest one.

My first “secret” gift from Seb was a manga, one of the best slice of life romance mangas I’ve read and loved the 12 episode anime they made for it: “Sukitte Ii na Yo” or in English “Say I love You”.

We also got good news that we’re getting a lot of tax money back in the span of three months, it can be next month or the last third month. So we decided to redecorate the computer room, going to get a bigger desk so we are able to sit next to each other, a small reading corner for me with a bookcase, a chair (hopefully a lot of pillows) and a floor lamp. We’re also going to invest in a carpet or carpets for our computer chairs – which we might buy one for me too that won’t break as quick.

Gonna fill the bookcase with my Swedish/English books, hopefully some Dutch ones and my manga. I’ve decided to quit smoking as soon as I can (I got two big cans left… and I am set on quitting after those) because then I’ll save 26euros per month, which I can buy a manga for. So one manga per month! They cost like 10 euros with shipping being +5 euros, so 15€ in total. Gonna get all the volumes to “Say I Love You” first, then “Owari no Seraph” and then “Tokyo Ghoul” – probably the first and second season of the manga.Then I’ll be rethinking which one to get! Wihoooooo.

I also want to get the English Harry Potter books, all of them… 

Edit: I also got the last secret gift from Seb yesterday, he read my blog, so he gave me a scarf, love the black and white pattern. I am all set for spring/autumn next year!

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