Another one of those Lists!

How many times a day do you wash your face?
Well, whenever I shower. I don’t shower everyday = bad for the hair.
Have you ever, EVER, had acne issues?
No. I’ve had a couple of pimples, but not as bad as other peoples’ stories.
What colour dominates your wardrobe?
Every colour possible. But I would say gray.
Which foundation do you use?
None, I’m not that much into makeup; as in I only use mascara, eyeliner and eye-pens (maybe sometimes I throw in some eyeshadow).
What is your favourite season?
Autumn, spring or winter. Can’t decide.
Name one place wherever in the world you’ve been to and would never want to visit again:
None, only been in Sweden and the Netherlands – where I currently reside.
What concealer do you use?
The same as the foundation answer.
What kind of tool do you apply your makeup with?
Hands, brush, brushes, pens, skiiillllsssss.
Five products you can’t live without having in your fridge/pantry?
Bread/buns, juice, knäckebröd, something to nom and just recently white wine – preferably bubbly.
Who is your favourite famous person?
Ehm… huh?
What kind of candy do you favour?
Chocolate. But I’m biased. I am chocolate.
What store do you enjoy shopping in the most?
Kruidvat, supermarkets and internetstores.
Do you use mineral makeup?
Morning- or evening person?
Night. All the way, night night night night.
If you were forced to only use one makeup product for when you’re going outside; which one would you choose?
When did you start applying makeup?
Push up, bombshell or without pads?
Commando bruuuuuuh.
Have you ever performed infront of a huge audience?
Nope. Would shit myself, so rather not, would never do it either. Not even for money, issues man, issues!


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