Leftover Sadness

I’m having leftover sadness from yesterday today. Not as bad as it was but not as good as it could be. I’m a bit more naturally cheery today, I can chuckle and enjoy small things… compared to yesterday where I just wanted to lay down, ignore life and become one with the floor.

I have a cup of hot chocolate, yaaay. It tastes so good! I levelled Seb’s white mage to level 55 now and hopefully level 56 tomorrow so we can continue on with mainstory without him getting stuck. Will see, hopefully I don’t overestimate the experience gain from duty roulettes.

I fucked up my own challenge log, I had one dungeon left on both 86000 experience tabs, which I did on my level 60 bard… yay. All that experience wasted.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Eminem/D12 live performances. Best performances live from rappers. Plus Proof had a really great voice when he was alive. Pretty freaky though that Eminem gets a whole stadium full of people to yell “You don’t want to fuck with Shady (why not?) because Shady’s gonna fucking kill you”.

I was Drac’s paparazzi, went first person mode and screen shoted him all the time. I also had a lalafael enter my room, sudden motherhood – at least it looks like it.

Played a ton of Primal Carnage today, I enjoy that game again, it is really fun to work together as humans to defeat the dinosaurs rampaging around, but it is also really hilarious to play as a dino and just single one out while the other dinosaurs create chaos around. I also like that even if I was away from the game for a REALLY long time I top leaderboards.

As a velociraptor I got stuck though, I was trying to jump to my death so I could change skin on my dino (got like three-four different skins for all of them) and I got stuck… well, it ended well after spamming buttons to move around with – I got loose and fell to my death into that splishy splashy water.

hoooman domination

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