Room #1 in the FC!

Celebrations! Celebrations! Sebi and I got the room on number one! We’re the highest room on the list, woopwoop. I bought it, but Seb helped me furnish it and decorate it – so we both would like it. I wasted almost all of my gil on it… but worth iiiiit! Trying to recruit people to FFXIV – mostly because when they sub 90 days… I GET A CHOCOBO THAT CAN CARRY TWO PEOPLE!

Drac and I are going to start a ponyfarm-boost group with five-six others. We are planning to take two boostees with us everytime, still discussing date, time and prices.

Father is drunk again, making cryptic FB posts and commenting random stuff on Seb’s posts/wall… eeeeh. Logged out of Skype on my computer and only got it on my phone – easier to “miss” it then. It isn’t nice when he only calls me when he is drunk and I’ve been trying to ask him about him calling me sober instead – much more to talk about, but I guess him still calling drunk as hell is the answer. It is just almost everytime we argue, about petty shit that doesn’t even matter. So aaaaaaaaaaargh!

Our hot bath, kinda like an onsen.
Our kitchen, leading to the spa.
The onsen! The hot spring! The spa!
Omnomnom, that looks so good.
Living-room with a fire place, aaahh… don’t read the important documents!
Our kotatsu in the bedroom, for when we want to relax and read a book.
Ahhh, where the magic happens.
Closer inspection, clean bedsheets and cute nightstands.

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