Life is Strange episode 5

We played the last chapter of Life is Strange. I just… the turmoil finally left me after two days of finishing it. I just… I might replay it again just to find all the small details and enjoy it more.

I was both a Chloe/Max- and Max/Warren shipper. But mostly Warren and Max. I just… THE CUTENESS! He was just way too cute to her and genuinely gave a shit about her, while I felt more or less that Chloe was holding Max in a tight grip expecting things you never really should expect. You can’t force someone into loving you, but I did anyway. I just really fell for the Chloe charm, all the way. The Warren charm – the charmtroll he is – just won in the end. I just can’t describe it, Max and him… it just gotta happen.

So I took the only choice I knew I could continue on living with myself with… I sacrificed Chloe. It makes sense, she has died/almost died multiple times during every chapter, it is fate. I just can’t continue fucking up a time continuum just for one person, that realizes herself that she has been selfish and can’t doom everyone else to die. The people that chose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay… really? Even Chloe tells you to off her…

You also could see that the developers were leading you into sacrificing her, the ending of saving Arcadia Bay was more thought through and worked on than the other shitty ending. It is literally Chloe screaming/halfyelling at Max to sacrifice her, she can’t let her wonderful mother die etc. Then when you decide to not, suddenly “everything is ok lol”. Eeeeh…

Let’s not talk about Mr Jefferson. I had a hunch of him being a slibby dibby guy. With him literally accusing and questioning Kate Marsh about “are you sure you weren’t ok with it?” Like dude wtf is wrong with you? But it did come as a surprise to me that he was the culprit. I did think that someone was stringing Nathan along but not him, but I should’ve seen it coming. He was a creepy fucking dude, with a lot of hinting from the developers throughout the chapters – missed half of the hints, too bad.

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