We are, we are made from broken parts!

We are, we are broken from the start!

Well, that is a good song indeed. Like really good. Love nightcore sometimes. So used to the upbeat songs sometimes that when I listen to the originals I miss the upbeat tunes. I am an upbeat song person. Haha!

I am looking for a seller of a small plot in the Mist – Final Fantasy related. I really want a house, but I will certainly not pay full price for a plot that they are willing to sell = which shows that they don’t really want it anyway… so gotta find a seller. Or I will just wait until the server transfer, read some rumours about Square Enix relinquishing some plots that are inactive. Or I will have to wait until patch 3.1. Which is like a month away, or less. Bah.

Drinking cola and taking a smoke at the moment, while hoping for reactions to my partyfinder advertisement about it.

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