Wow, I got a lot to recap!

Time for another recap blogpost!

  • Seb is almost admitted into the school! One party left to accept the conditions and he is enrolled. He is going to finish his university studies, which he dropped out of earlier in his life. It is a special school, probably something I would be able to go to, would… even the thought of showing up to a place full of people scares the living hell out of me but I am happy for Seb that he is moving forward! 
  • Before he is admitted to school he is going to go twice per week to a place that is kinda like a “work”-“camp” place. It will help him get ready for early mornings again. Hopefully he will enjoy it!
  • Keiko got sterilized a while ago, the wound has not gotten infected and it is healing really well. It is so cute, a little line on her shaved tummy, it looks like she has a sweater with tights on or an armor that cuts off. Our little adventurer! Her new fur that is growing out is so fluffy and feels so nice to touch, a lot of kisses has been made on her tummy.
  • She has already changed a little bit, her kitten playfulness is back and she plays with a lot of things. She is also really cuddly nowadays, always enjoying the hugs and random pickups we do. One thing that she has started with that I am less happy with is that she meows during mornings…
  • Family drama, what else… my brother has apparently adapted the views from my father – a serious disease that comes with living in the presence of him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my father… it is just that he has really annoying grudges. He divorced my mother more than 12 years ago and he is still resenting her. I stayed out of that conflict as much as possible, didn’t want to get manipulated… which he does. He manipulates you into his opinions, that you hate your own mother because the way she treated you in early divorce years: Yes, she treated us like fucking crap, doesn’t mean that I will resent her the rest of my life now, does it? You can forgive, but you do not have to forget. We HAVE TWO parents, which he refuses to admit and keeps on seeping hate into us, like the fucking plague, suffocating you on spot and threatening to throw you out or disown you if you don’t agree with him. I escaped those moments with just “mm”‘s towards him, I never really said anything concrete and now when I am talking with my mother again (still only on whatsapp though, I don’t have the courage for more right now) I just know that he will make a huge fucking deal out of it. But the matter with my brother, he is calling my sister Micaela “the right hand of mom” contacting him all the time about “why aren’t you speaking with your mother” for example and he asked my father for advice on how to deal with it… guess what he said. So I just confronted him with a really neutral attitude about it, pretty much like “Are you sure that it is was YOUR choice?” and “You have two parents. Don’t ever forget that. You don’t need to forget what she has done, but you can at least see that she is a different person today. But whatever, I can’t be arsed with it. Do the fuck you want”. Yes, I was angry at him and I might have worded my stuff a little bit harsher. But who will ever get him out of my father’s grip?
  • Seb’s mother is going through with her operation and had to give Francisca (Seb’s sister) the dogs for a whole month with weekend-home-visits because she won’t be able to walk them during the day.
  • I moved from Skype to Discord. A program that combines the beauty of Skype with TeamSpeak – for free and without ANY ads. Love it! Hopefully it doesn’t get too popular and goes to shit.
At the moment, that is all I can recap, besides that we ate a lot of great food. I’ve forgotten to take pictures even though I have the “dinner of the day”-bit going on. Will get better at it, I promise.

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