Sterilized Keiko

Up and Away!

They sterilized her yesterday, it was so empty at home without her but when she came back to us I was so happy. She was a little bit drugged and wobbled around the best she could. She doesn’t seem to be in pain today, but we gave her some antibiotics before – had to force her to swallow it, lack of stuff she enjoys eating at home so couldn’t “trick” it into her. She trew a hairball up like 5+ minutes after it but we found no medicine residue in it, so hopefully it desolved quickly. Otherwise we have the other half of the pill later this evening – we got prescribed antibiotics that has to be taken twice a day for five days. They told us that they removed her whole uterus, it was apparently huge – but then again, she is also a fullgrown cat.

Something funny during the vetmeeting in the morning was that they told us the race and the colour of Keiko, I always thought she was a mix-bred. She is a European Shorthair and her fur colour was cyprus & white.

I put makeup on yesterday. watwatwatawtat. At least it made me look less tired, that’s good. We had to go up at 8.00 and with days where we go to bed around 6.00 and wake up 15.00 it is actually really hard to go to bed around 2.00 and waking up at 8.00. But we managed, Seb’s mother came and picked us up around 8.30 and we drove to the vet with Keiko in a kittie cage. She was a bit worried but she was at least laying down – she remembers that, instead of standing up and wobble around according to how the car would be driven. I had my jacket over the cage so the darkness would calm her down a bit more. We brought a towel from home too, so she would always smell it. She got home with it too, iiiih.

We spent some time at Gina’s place, drank some tea, hugged some doggies and took them for a walk. Noah is a really good therapy dog, he immediately knows if you’re feeling down and he lets you hug him for how long you want to. Kai, on the other hand, is a little puppy and likes to play.

Noah has the energy of a thousand hyperactive dogs… and you notice it when you walk with him, he runs all over the place – without a leash too. He is a trustworthy dog in that way, he never strays too far away from Gina. He also looks so happy running towards you, swimming and playing around with Kai when Kai is let off the leash.

After… was playing around with my hair.
Before… tired Nela~

Gina drove us home after a while, we stayed up the whole day until Keiko got home, props to us because we were really tired and the sleep that tried to invade us was really close to knock us off our chairs. We did take a nap later in the evening, but it was a horrible nap. I got a big ass headache from it – probably because I slept sitting up with my head turned towards Sebastiaan that was half laying down so the angle strained it I guess. Seb also woke up really horrible, he has a lot of issues with his stomach and the nap made them all worse. Sebastiaan was at the hospital yesterday too and they checked up on his tummy – last time he got pills, but they aren’t working for him anymore  – and the doctor was a little bit worried it might be stomach cancer, but for Seb it doesn’t make sense (he still worries about it, like I do but I don’t know how to react to it or comfort him about it, I guess my lack of social skills are a pain for everyone) because if he had it he would have it all day, not only in mornings.

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