Crops, crops, crops, crops!

Drac and I was planting crops yesterday and they will grow big and strong! I water them whenever I am around the house and fertilize them every hour. Been playing a lot of chocobo roulette. Been going through colours, hopefully I will end up on the green spectre this time.

I bought new bardings for mine and Seb’s chocobos, so when he subs back he will get it – probably next week even. I bought a Tidal barding – no picture of it, but it was darn expensive – and 2x Highland barding to me and Seb:

You even see the crops in the background – the farmspot has a fire in it because our garden is decorated after halloween. American people in the FC and halloween is big in the US.

I got glad news that most of the people I have befriended decided to stay on the server, even after it transfers to Europe – YAY. So I will stay too, I met too many new friends to just up and leave now. I hope they don’t change their minds later, I miss Libby a lot so I can see why the thought might arrive later to move servers.

Keiko is going to get sterilized tomorrow, so around evening we gotta take away the food (no food 12h before the surgery). I am slightly worried for something bad to happen, but I hope it doesn’t go wrong. As in really hope.

I have a bad headache and neckpain, they correlate to each other. Retard sleeping self decided to throw the awesome pillow on the floor (the pillow that gives me wonderful neck support, which I haven’t been waking up to a stiff neck or headache for a while) and now I woke up with a stiff neck (hurts when I turn my head) and a severe headache… bah!

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