I redecorated the living room, slightly. With subtle changes. Ignore the stack of pizza boxes on the stove-head…

We were thinking of building our own desk to be able to sit next to each other instead of me sitting in a corner behind Sebastiaan on a really wonky table with a dining-chair. Either we buy it or we just build it on our own – will be fun either way.

Sad post is sad.

We might transfer after Libby and Axis, but it all depends for me if people in the FC will move with them or not. Right now it seems unlikely, but I’ll see when the server transfers to Europe if they can’t live with the lag or can’t find a good VPN to use. Will also see if it’s worth it, might enjoy the lagfree server too much plus I also have gotten new friends that I don’t really want to abandon right now, they’re fun and helpful and want to do stuff all the time. No more lonely Steam posts from me.

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