Reviewer Nela~

Nela reviews Gakkou Gurashi

A fun anime with a severe cuteness overload together with drama and horror.

There hasn’t been any episode where I’ve been “meh, this anime isn’t that good as I thought it would be”. I think the anime lives up to the manga > yes, I read the manga before watching anime, usually that’s really dumb but in this case it helped a lot of understanding certain elements before it got explained.

The first episode does give you a small bit of confusion, but it quickly disappears. By the 10:th episode you’re already wanting more of the cuteness, atmosphere and story line. Seeing I’ve also read the manga I’m still waiting for chapter updates and look forward to how the story will unfold in the anime (they changed some stuff, but they did not – I repeat, they did NOT – revamp the story to fit the anime).

Sebastiaan didn’t like the anime in the beginning – I guess this is how most people would see it at first – but after a couple of episodes he started getting into it and the story keeps him interested. So all I can tell you people that find the insane/delusional girl annoying/anime is boring, just stick with it and you won’t regret it.

Four students are trying to live normally inside their school building while a zombie outbreak is rampaging on. Three of them takes care of their delusional friend – that believes everything is normal and the outbreak never happened i.e her friends are still alive. Trying to accomodate to her while staying alive can be both frustrating and hard but at the same time the girl keeps them all together, helping them stay calm and sane.

But it gets harder and harder to continue on with the charade while maintaining the school and prevent break-ins. 

Do I recommend this anime?
Yes. You should watch it, then read the manga and become like me; waiting for updates!

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