Random Three Things~

Three things I look forward to
→ Sterilize Keiko, mostly for her sake.
→ Christmas, can’t wait to go Christmas gift shopping and putting up our tree!
→ Levelling up to 60 in FFXIV – haven’t done that yet, slackyyyyyyyy~

Three things I like
→ Sebastiaan & Keiko (shared spot)
→ Chocolate, that was obvious.
→ Rain – I don’t know how it smells but I imagine amazing.

Three things I don’t like
→ My old pillow, neckpains and headaches every morning.
→ Not having a period – you never know if you’re knocked up or just plain infertile.
→ Being afraid – I am afraid of a lot of things.

Three things I want to do
→ I want to start an education in Interior Design, but I don’t know if it’s for me or not.
→ Adopt a new cat, old or young. Just save a poor little sod.
→ Draw more often.

Three things I can do
→ I can read Dutch – just some words that makes me ask Seb for translation.
→ I, damn, know how to make stuff cozy and comfortable.
→ Save money.

Three things I can’t do 
→ Go outside alone.
→ Say no to people, over the Internet it is easier.
→ Enjoy social conventions.

Three things I talk about often
→ FFXIV – or games in general.
→ Sebastiaan or Keiko – depends on what context.
→ Losing weight, we’ve all been there, the talk is easy but the doing is harder.

Three things that calm me down
→ Sebastiaan or Keiko’s purring – both together are perfect.
→ Routines, I say no to changes overall.
→ I need things to be planned. Without plans there would be chaos!

Three things that stress me the fuck out
→ Unplanned visits.
→ When a phone call pops up on my cell phone.
→ Going to meetings – social events overall.

Three things I am going to do this weekend
→ Hopefully install the drawing pad – if not I forgot… lol
→ Play games.
→ Enjoy the days with Sebastiaan (every day more or less).

Three things I’ve done this week
→ Cleaned Keiko’s cat toilet (today actually).
→ Talked with my mother, over whatsapp.
→ Eat a lot of good food!

Three things I want to do for the blog
→ Keep it updated, seriously.
→ Get a vlog-camera, for whatever reason it seems fun.
→ Get a new camera, better resolution > better images > way more fun to read/skim through.

Sliced potatoes, crushed tomatoes, garlic-sauce and chopped paprika – yellow and green. Highly recommended!

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