Miqo’te > Hyur (ల◕ั˘๐◕ั˘ల)

I race changed in FFXIV. I saw that the vial – the one you use for race change (everything included) – was at 7€ so I decided to use the one I already got from subscribing for a month. So I went from a kittie to a human and I must add – it looks cute. If I ever want to go back to kittie I will obviously – still enjoy the race.

Close up
In my BRD attire (glamoured it, otherwise I would be dressed for snowy weather)
Gonna have a meeting today with Albert, tired and not prepared for it. Don’t really know what they will discuss (Albert and Seb) today, I guess I will sit with them, either way. Probably. 
The guild (in World of Warcraft) decided to take a hiatus until Legion. Good choice in my opinion, people are able to join different guilds now for raiding – and might I add, a bit more successful guilds – and come back in Legion. 
I uninstalled Sims and deleted 2k files of CC (custom content) – I tried for a whole day to make it work. First it was resolution issues – whenever I started the game and went into the options tab to fix it into a proper resolution for my screen it just crashed. Then it was CC issues – the launcher did not want to install it so I had to find a fix for that (turning them all into .package files instead of Sims3packs). After I fixed that apparently the application itself stopped working – multiple reasons according to the blown up forum on EA (pretty much it is only problems with Sims 3 – you can NEVER have good things). It pissed me off because I really wanted to play it and I will not start playing it without CC – once a CC user always a CC user.
Life is Strange part 5 is coming out soon – in October if I remember right. Can’t wait, really need to know how it all ends and if you can save Chloe or not (I have a hunch it depends on what you did to her in the other reality, if you gave in to her request of letting her die or let her live). Plus dafuq on Mr Jefferson being the bad guy – I smell he is the mastermind behind it all, and he might have off’d Nathan – I think Nathan was a poor used rich kid with serious anger issues. But we will see how the story unfolds.

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