Time goes fast and slow!

Feeling much better today, thank you for asking. I slept in intervalls today, slept two hours, woke up, slept two hours, woke up, slept two hours, woke up. Sleeping on the couch is no the best thing you can do to your body and less likely to be better is sleeping in a sitting position – couldn’t lay down, the room was spinning then and I wanted to throw up so badly combined with a headache that pounded more if I layed down (weird am I right?). I woke up around 7.00 in the morning the first time (Seb went to bed around 4.00 and I stayed awake watching TV/listening to music until 5.00) and I decided to drink some water – my throat was really parched and my mouth was so dry my tongue could barely move. I drank it and started coldsweating again – usually that happened before I threw up (threw up twice yesterday, yay) – and I just decided to fall asleep. Which helped because the water stayed down until I woke up around 9.00 – had no headache, woohoo! Saw that the TV was off so decided to fall asleep again and this time I woke up at 10.00. This time, the headache was there again but not as bad as the day before. I decided to drink another glass of water – this time without breaking into coldsweat. It felt awesome. I ate a small biscuit in really tiny bites and my stomach seemed to handle it well.

I watched TV until Seb woke up and then we sat in the couch watching Melissa and Joey. Decided to start installing Sims during the day and surprise at this time 21.01 in the evening I’m done with five expansions, got a lot more to go… anyway, I ate a quite big dinner and I don’t feel like throwing it up at all! Victory for my tummy.

Been downloading a lot of custom content in preparation for Sims 3 that will likely be finished tomorrow – installing and updated to perfect version. Still finding CC obviously – can never have enough.

My day has been really chill, but after you’ve been ill like that you better relax, am I right or am I right?

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