Finally the last expansion is getting unpacked and ready to be installed. I got around 2500+ custom content downloaded and I am still trying to find everything I like. This took a whole day and might take even longer, because I still got to put in the stuff packs too, fuuuuuck so much.

At least the game is better than Sims 4. Crapgame, undeveloped as fuck. Got so angry first time I played it, they hyped the fans up so much and then give them a garbage can in return? Fuck you EA, fuck you. No immersion, no Create a Style, no open world – everything is a loading screen, even neighbour’s houses. I can rack up all the bad and negative stuff about Sims 4 but I don’t have the energy for it. Need to get this sorted first, even with all the bugs in Sims 3 it is just a better game overall.

Might just play a LoL-game while I wait for it to unpack, or something. Hopefully it won’t lag me or I lag it. Want it done as soon as possible.

I am still very invested in Seb’s and my old guild Epoch – I quit a week or so ago, remember? I know that I also should be like Seb and not give a shit about it, but if we come back in Legion – big IF here, we kinda like not playing WoW – we would want a guild and friends to return to. But we’ve already said if the guild is gonna bring drama about Seb wanting GM back or any kind of drama overall (I can imagine they are blaming their problems on us at the moment) or the guild is not the guild we were in before we will just leave. Literally, leave. Can’t be fucked if the guild has changed to the worse.

Might sound harsh, but that is just how it is. I pay for my game-time, I don’t pay for anyone else’s. I am not there to make other people have fun with the game, I am there to have fun myself. Pretty much like how I feel about FFXIV. My astrologian is almost the same level as Seb’s and my mains (bard and dragoon at level 52). But I don’t want to force Seb to play FFXIV if he doesn’t feel like it, in the end I might just continue main story. Don’t like standing still for too long.

FFXIV feels like the same game as WoW for Seb and he reasoned pretty much like “if I want to play WoW I could’ve just continued playing WoW”. For me FFXIV does not feel like WoW at all. I guess I kinda like it, because I don’t have to put in any dedication whatsoever to the game, the guild or anything. Plus I feel that when your character can be every profession/class in the game without having to log sixhundred alts – that is daaaaaaamn nifty.

I also like the graphics, fkn luuuuv me sum Miqo’te and Au Ra.

Been wanting to draw so much from FFXIV but haven’t had the will to do it. I just daydream about images/drawing the images instead of doing it, hehuehue.

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