Wonderful day

Ill. Dizzy. Headache. Yay.

  1. Woke up with my neck laying on the edge resulting in a stiff neck and a banging headache – Seb tried to help my sleeping self but my sleeping self is stubborn.
  2. Booted up my computer, got an error about that the CPU fan doesn’t work – Seb fixed it.
  3. I start an ARAM game in LoL and in the middle my computer shuts down – I could reconnect after booting it up again.
  4. Still hammering headache, start coldsweating, shivering and feeling like I had to throw up.
  5. After a whole afternoon of it I decided to throw up, felt relieved and the coldsweating stopped.
  6. Rinsed my mouth with water and decided to drink some too – coldsweating comes back after 15minutes, everything was spinning and my eyes couldn’t fixate on anything…
  7. Decided to lay down even though when I did lay down during the day my head hammered harder than if I was sitting up.
  8. Napped for two hours, feel so much better! Now I only need to battle this damn headache and I don’t dare to take a painkiller, drink or eat anything.
On the upside; my Sims 3 dl finished. Time to install.

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