Brutal Shit

Woke up with the nastiest headache ever today, apparently Seb has been trying to be my little hero in need and pulled me up from the really weird way I slept – I was laying right on the edge with my neck so my head tilted down while taking up most of the bedspace… so my neck is stiff and hurts and the really nice results from it is a headache that just won’t give in. My sleeping self is a stubborn person, because he tried a lot to make me sleep in another position but my sleeping slef just gruffed at him and went back into edge-killing-neck-position.

Played the fourt episode of Life is Strange recently, brutal, BRUTAL. Such a tummy/feeling twister, tears and laughs and cringes. Did not expect that plottwist in the end, the game is getting intense!

Today I feel like just downloading Sims 3, Sims 4 is a little undeveloped for me. I played it and I miss Sims 3 so much. I am just not looking forward to downloading all CC to it again. Bah. At least it is just clothes/makeup/hairstyles – I can just dl my houses and other peoples’ uploaded houses to get my furniture/pattern CC back.

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