Who has been sleeping? Nela hasn’t!

Slept for around 4,5 hours… I don’t know if I am awake by default or if my body/mind is just so tired I feel awake. I don’t know if I am feeling well or not, way too weird feeling inside of me. I regret waking up Seb when I was going down, he is quite sensitive to movement in our bedroom when he sleeps so I tried to be stealthy, stealthy Nela does not exist, proven fact. I wonder how this day will go. You realise how little time you’ve slept when you go down and don’t even get a “welcome down”-greeting from Keiko. Kinda missed it.

I really thought I woke up around 12.00 but when I checked the clock it was 9.00 in the morning, dafaaaak. I have no idea what I am going to spend my morning doing, maybe some Final Fantasy? Doesn’t require huge amount of brain activity.

I wonder what woke me up? The extreme pounding in my ear? Seems like I scratched it really hard in my sleep. Or my tummy being weird? Hunger pains but no actual hunger feeling. Or just that I couldn’t sleep even if I tried really hard? I tried to force myself to sleep, but my body/eyes refused to go into sleepmode. So what to do? What to do?

I guess I gotta do something productive today to keep myself awake, I might draw. Later. Not now. Don’t know if that brain activity works right now. Maybe do the dishes later? Probably. Gotta do them for dinner anyway. Brush my hair before a shower? Needed, tangled as hell, every hair aid I use get stuck. Woopwoop~

Japanese pop-music in the morning is quite chill. Just nice to listen to a beautiful language in a soft voice with an upbeat rhythm. Kinda like Swedish music I like and Dutch. “Mannenharten” is nice.

Gonna play the fourth chapter/part of Life is Strange today with Seb. Gonna see how that story unfolds. Genuinely interested. The game is really good and sometimes you really don’t notice details. Like if you rewind back a certain amount of time you undo one of your actions. Completely forgot about that.

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