Kapsalon time woopwoop (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Gonna eat some kapsalon today! It’s gonna be so good to eat again. After like a month or so of not.

The steak yesterday I prepared it well! I am so happy, I am getting better at it. The first time I did it I accidentally made one really good and one really dry – steaks are not supposed to be well-made you know. They are rare/medium rare etc. Best quality then and taste obviously.

Now I am gonna go put on the TV in preparation for eating! Seb is biking to the snackbar, so nice of him right?

Gonna play chapter four of Life is Strange today, probably. If I am not just gonna replay it all (at the moment when me and Seb plays together we’re playing on a different save game, not ours) so I figured I could fix it and then we could play the last chapter on that save!

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