Kittiecat Keiko, meow~

We were eating a really nice dinner with wok noodles, shanghai sauce and chicken (usually you got beef in it, but we didn’t) and this is what happens with little Keiko. We usually never encourage her begging behaviour, but this was just too cute to slip past.

On another note, why does my dad always skype me when he is drunk? Getting real tired of having almost fights about me not drinking (told him when he asked about beer that we didn’t have any at home at all and I get “what the fuck happened to you guys?” – like we ever drank heavily before…) and stuff I have NEVER said to him; “you said that you were going to take evening courses in Dutch last time”, did not. Not at all. Bah, so annoying. Then he sits there and continues with “I hope you’re alright, it is the only thing that matters” – as if, I’ve tried to talk to him so many times about issues I got and I get “you don’t have any problems lol, you can talk fine with me”. Sure, I understand and appreciate the concern he shows, but it isn’t genuine or honest concern…

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