Today’s dinner and "mutiny"

We ate a lovely dinner, spaghetti/pasta with meatsauce! Really good, but daaaaamn spicy. Had to drink a lot of water with it. But so gooooood anyway. Watched a couple of episodes from “Once Upon a Time” – not disappointed yet. A little bit hard to get into at first but will probably work itself out. Eating dinners in couch is not optimal, but it was nice for a one-time thing!

Spaghetti and “normal”(?) pasta together with chopped tomatoes and meatsauce.

I decided to quit WoW a while ago… and apparently that makes all my efforts and time spent making the guild continue on nullified. It saddens me that the arguement “you’re quitting anyway, you have no say” was used against me for no reason other than “we have our minds set on this, fuck you”. Three people discussed before our meeting today about the future of our WoW guild. It was supposed to be a discussion, but it was more those three people demanding Sebastiaan to hand over GM. Plus they didn’t have the decency to wait until Seb came back from talking on the phone with his mother.

I just feel so betrayed. That people could be so two-faced backstabbing bitches… from people we trusted. They can’t “promise anything” in the future, it is our guild – OUR guild – and they can’t even see further than “next week”? We guaranteed them spots in the raid, even if we had members and we get the “don’t expect having spots”. Fucking cunts. This is not a GM take-over, it is Sebastiaan LENDING them GM until we’re back from our break. I still don’t get why he had to hand it over, he is going to be online regularly anyway – he is only taking a break from PvE (Player versus Environment), not from the game itself like I am. But I guess it doesn’t matter, “you’re leaving anyway”.

I think about it as a company, I invested billions of euros in from their starting point of being a meak almost dead company into a blossoming multi-billionaire company and now the CEO under me tells me “you didn’t do shit for this company, your contribution means nothing because you’re gonna pull out your stocks anyway”. Seriously?

I was “arguing” 1v4. They didn’t even bother to ask the members what they wanted, they just “we discussed this and we’re going to do it like this” instead of listening to anyone else’s point of view.

I just feel so betrayed, so used.

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