Couple of dinners

Lazy with the blog for the past few days, been wanting to write a lot but right now I just feel like… uploading food. Great, great Nela. Perfect way to keep your readers enthralled. Well, fuck. I will make something more productive later on, right now… enjoy the food that I enjoy.

Props to Sebastiaan for being such an amazing cook with intuition and innovations!

Pasta with veggie sauce. It was really good, had some chopped up tomato in it too.
It is perfect for a warm day where you don’t really want to stand infront of the stove for too long. 
With fresh vegetables it is just… nonomnomnomonmnmom!
Beautiful. I throughly enjoyed this dinner, it was yummy to the point of exploding. 
Cooked potatoes with a lot of different herbs, some cold tomato sprinkled with salt, 
a white piece of bread to soak up some of the bearnaise sauce and caramellized paprika 
ontop of baconwrapped meat. With a cool and refreshing glass of milk! I highly recommend.
Closer inspection, I mashed my potatoes to soak up the sauce and Seb had the perfect plate to shoot.

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