72 + 1 Questions

I figured it has been so empty on the blog lately that I’m going to do a list – again!

How old are you in five years?
~~~ 28? Not certain if I am 23 or 22… ffffff

Who did you spend at least two hours with today?
~~~ Sebastiaan.

How tall are you?
~~~ 163cm. Tall as fuck.

Latest movie seen and latest show seen?
~~~ Jurassic World – I recommend it.
~~~~~  Falling Skies – RECOMMENDED!!!!

Latest call to and from you?
~~~ Can’t remember.
~~~~~ Papipapoopi.

How did the latest text you got read?
~~~ Whatsapp or normal texting? Oh who am I kidding, who uses normal texts?
~~~~~ “yay nostra :D”

Are you parents married or divorced?
~~~ Divorced.

When did you last see your mother?
~~~ Haven’t seen her since… no idea. I whatsapp her quite often – I would say.

What eye colour do you have?
~~~ Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

When did you wake up today?
~~~ 14.00ish? Maybe earlier.

Which is your favourite Christmas carol?

What is your favourite place to be?
~~~ At home, with Sebastiaan and Keiko.

What place do you enjoy the least?
~~~ Outside, anywhere.

Where do you think you are in ten years?
~~~ Hopefully not unemployed?

What scared you during the night as a child?
~~~ Darknessssssssssssssss…

What got you really laughing lately?
~~~ Sebastiaan today, Jesus. So adorable and silly.

How big is your bed?
~~~ Big enough for two?

Stationairy or laptop?
~~~ Stationairy.

Sleeping naked or clothed?

How many pillows inhabit your bed?
~~~ Two, mine goes on the floor often though.

How many countries have you lived in?
~~~ Two. Sweden and The Netherlands, wipooo.

Which cities have you lived in?
~~~ None actually.

Barefeet, socks or shoes?
~~~ BAREFEET. My feet can not handle being trapped for too long.

Are you a social person?
~~~ To people I know perhaps, probably not that out-going in general.

Favourite ice-cream?
~~~ Vanilla.

Favourite dessert?
~~~ Chocolate-y stuff.

Do you enjoy chinese cuisine?
~~~ Yes.

Coffee or tea?
~~~ Tea, coffee… tea more nowadays.

What does your breakfast consist of?
~~~ Bread, butter, cheese – sometimes only bread.

Which side do you sleep preferrably on (bed)?
~~~ Left. It is just a habit.

Do you play poker or do you know how to?
~~~ No and no-yes.


Are you addicted to anything?
~~~ Yes. Cigarettes. DON’T EVEN FEEL BAD LOL

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as your own?
~~~ No. I know someone who has their birthday the day after mine > obviously inferior.

Do you want children?
~~~ Yes. Might not be able to have them though… 

Do you know any other languages than your mothertongue (Swedish)?
~~~ English, learning Dutch.

Ever been in an ambulance?
~~~ No.

The ocean or the pool?
~~~ The pool – when alone. The ocean scares me.

Do you own expensive jewelry?
~~~ lolno

Favourite program on TV?
~~~ Bob’s Burgers!

Can you roll your tongue up?
~~~ Yes.

Funniest person you know?
~~~ Me or Seb, depends on mood. Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes. I am a hilarious person.

Sleeping with stuffed toys?
~~~ No.

Notification sound on the phone?
~~~ Lulu from League of Legends: “WROOM WROOM!”

Do you have your clothes from when you were young still?
~~~ Sadly not. Would’ve been fun to keep.

Anything close to you that is red?
~~~ No.
~~~~~ Edit 1; Seb just reminded me that I got red hair. So I got that close to me that is red.

Latest book you read?
~~~ A thriller/detective. Title doesn’t pop up, sorry! Will edit it in later.
~~~~~ Edit 2; David Hewson – The Fallen Angel.

Do you read the newspaper?
~~~ No, but sometimes I check on the internet.

Latest note put down on paper?
~~~ A shopping list.

Favourite teacher in highschool/gymnasium?
~~~ Can’t remember. Probably my English teacher/s.

Do you go to church?
~~~ No.

Longest camping trip and where?
~~~ A schooltrip to somewhere. For two days.

Listening to right now?
~~~ Silence.

Weirdest meal you’ve eaten?
~~~ Mehuhruepl… nothing?

Latest person who saw you naked?
~~~ Seb. Keiko. Both.

Colour on your toothbrush?
~~~ Dark blue.

How to impress you?
~~~ Be yourself should do it. Plus be amazing at either art or writing.

Who do you call when you’re angry/sad?
~~~ I talk to Seb. Would be weird if I called him.

Any percings?
~~~ No. Not even ears.

Relationship status?
~~~ Engaged.

Websites you visit daily?
~~~ Facebook, guildwebsite, my own blog, other peoples’ blogs, The Sims Resource, 9gag, mangareader and mangafox.

Do you regret something you’ve done recently?
~~~ Nope.

Dream job?
~~~ Something with interior design.

Any pets?
~~~ Keiko. Cat. Retard. ❤ mucho love

Tell your readers three things about yourself that you think they don’t know?
~~~ I like to read manga, sometimes so much that it absorbs a whole day from me.
~~~~~ I smoke inside, eeeeeek! I’ve told Seb so many times I’ll stop and smoke at the balcony, but it is so many spiders! ;w;
~~~~~~~ I am afraid to tell my father I got contact with my mother.

Do you swear often?
~~~ Between rarely and often.

Ate today?

What makes you sad?
~~~ Animal abuse.

What makes you happy?
~~~ Living in the present with Seb.

Have you been married or engaged?
~~~ I am engaged. Might have been secretly married to a dog when I was 10.

Weekend plans?
~~~ Bingewatching The Walking Dead.

Who is your rolemodel?
~~~ None I can think of.

What are you going to do after you’ve answered all these questions?
~~~ Sleep, Sebastiaan already went up to bed and left me here.

Well, that was it! See y’all.

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