Retarded sleeping schedule

Goddamn it, we had such a good schedule; going to bed around 00.00-1.00 and going up around 9.00-10.00 and now that is fucked up. All because of Minecraft and Final Fantasy. Staying up until 4.30 every night is not helping us regain it either. Missed a couple of days where we are supposed to hang out with Seb’s mother because we can’t wake up before 14.00.

Anyway here are some more screenshots of Final Fantasy!

Dafuq, stop showing your boobs in my face, I know I am flat! :C
That retard on my right is scaring me. Why the fuck does she have clothes on?
Ok, I am over it. She likes it.
So, this is a lap dance?
Lapdance? Ok…
m8 I r8 8 out of 8

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