Seb’s birthday!

We celebrated Seb’s birthday yesterday, it was really nice. We played Minecraft the whole day and enjoyed sitting on TS talking – it is not often, but sometimes it is really nice to just chat away. We played a lot of WoW PvP yesterday too, really fun – my druid is geared now! Time for RBGs with the guild. Really can’t wait, RBGs are fun and if we can do it with the whole guild without randoms > ACE.

I also got four people to play LoL with me yesterday, woopwoop! It was ARAM and damn, it was fun.

We ate a wonderful cake too, a moccha cake with sprinkles of chocolate. Together with some Malibu & cola, which Seb’s mom/Frans bought for him as a present, it was a nice surprise.

We cooked some potatoes with green pepper sause, had a wonderful schnitzel without the breading and salad!

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