Wow, so long ago…

I know I’ve been absent from this blog for a long time, I guess I didn’t have anything “real” to write about. Well, I guess I will try to type down fun events that happen instead of almost forgetting them – shouldn’t be an issue to be honest, but sometimes you’re in that mood of “meh”, if you guys know what that mood is and what it does to you.

My family visited me a while ago. Father, brother and grandmother – on my father’s side – went by car down to us (like last year, but this time grandmaaaaa!). It was a fun week and I miss them a lot. We didn’t do much, mostly because we didn’t really want to kill my grandmother – if she moved to much or far distances (far as in a short walk for us young people) she would almost faint and I really didn’t want to let that happen to her. So we relaxed and hung out instead as a family during that week, which wasn’t at all bad whatsoever. Something I really miss from that week is the family-breakfast. We all gathered around the dining table early in the morning (yes, Sebastiaan and I started waking up early – we still got it going on, proud of myself and him) and enjoyed each other’s company during it.

We did go to the pub down in Makkum centrum – which one you ask from all the pubs down there, we went to De Zwaan (something like that) and the building was beautiful with a really comfy outdoor seating place (also known as a terrace amirite). We went there twice and it was all good besides that my father decided to drink more and more and more… which ended up in me reliving good old Sweden days. The most difficult one was the second outing, where he actually went out after we got home to drink more – he took my brother with him, I felt sorry for him but I really did not want to come with him out to “discover Makkum’s nightlife” as he put it… we all make our choices I guess.

Lovely little grandmother! ❤ Father on the left, brother on the right – Sebastiaan is the photographer.

Well, we also spent some time walking around – mostly to the store to get some delicious food. We cooked really good food that week and it was yummy for the tummy 100%.

Something that we did a lot was play Rayman on the PS3. It was fun and it made a lot of evenings really fun for everyone – mostly because the older people were watching me. Don’t ask, I just get really competitive and mean during games against other people. Against Seb it is no problem, I have fun and we have synergy when we do levels together. But with my brother… puh, we played a “football” kind of game in Rayman and it was versus each other. I just went all ham in his face and he ended up looking really sour and said “I never play console games”, well duh, neither do I.

We were going to go on a vacation – a trip through the Netherlands, but it never happened. Our vacation was with my family instead. Next time they are bringing my uncle too – hopefully for us all – and we’re going to rent a house instead (our place was and IS too small for that many people, it was hardly bearable with five, imagine six!).

Sebastiaan’s birthday is coming up, I have no gift whatsoever… I don’t know what to give him. We both are really easy going. Well, I am missing this one birthday, I will make it up with Christmas gifts! So love sneaky packing gifts for him and then see him shine up the day after on Eve. Can’t wait! Really want winter/Christmas now. We probably will not celebrate Christmas in Sweden this year, at least I don’t think we have any plans for it.

Something that happened before my family came was that me, Seb, Gina and Frans went to Emmen. TO GO TO THE ZOOOOOO! Incoming a lot of pictures!

Kangaroos chillin’
Frikandel Speciaal!
My little fella’!
The biggest favourite at the zoo. Le Sebastiaan!
“I like the girl chilling way over there in the sun” – Sebastiaan 2k15
So coooool!
“Hey dear m’am. Please take a photo of me <3"

Dinner of today (going to try to make this a thing at least – can’t really do throwback Thursdays, because I don’t have any older photos on my computer after multiple times of formatting without backup on the harddrive):

Baked potato, salad, different saladsauces and cordon bleu

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