Done with it

Had the meeting, got information. First half hour of the meeting I was with the nice psychologist and second half a psychiatrist came in (she did diagnoses and better qualified the psychologist explained). Either way, not gonna put out the content from what I wrote in the last post again, but we went it over and I am gonna try to do 1v1 exercises with a special department – they specialize in panic disorders, anxiety and sociophobia. Which the psychiatrist she kinda did say that it might be a mix of a panic disorder and sociophobia with me, so I will just have to see if the more specialized “forces” can do anything for me. I did say that I’ve done that stuff before and it doesn’t really help, but if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I will give it a try, if it doesn’t help after two to three meetings I will just say so instead of not showing up like usual.

Anyway, gonna put up photos of this day and it will start with tired Nela from 6.00 to 7.00 in the morning and then the other photos will be during the day. Seb helped me take some photos too, woopwoop.

Tired Nela is tired. 6.00 in the morning
7.00 in the morning, a little bit more awake.

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