Vacation, where to? Hmm…

Ah, soon we’re getting the vacation money, weird for me. In Sweden if you live on socialmoney (not working etc) you would never dream about getting money for a vacation – your whole unemployment is vacation enough to be honest. But it is nice and we’ve already been planning for some time now, over the span over a couple of months. We have like two destinations where we want to visit and they are:

Den Haag (The Hague) —==ΞΞΞ☆ΞΞΞ==— Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
Haha, I hope people know that the (Amsterdam) part was a joke, hahaha. My humour sucks…

The Amsterdam trip would happen in July, to be specific it would be 24th to 26th July – Friday to Sunday. The 25th July which is a Saturday is Sebastiaan’s birthday! So we would celebrate it in Amsterdam at some cozy café or a romantic restaurant. In Amsterdam we would go on a lot of sight-seeing, visit some museums and a little bit of shopping would happen (which it will at either place we will visit). There is a cat café in Amsterdam which I want to go to, chill with some cuties with a cup of tea in one hand and a toy in the other would be so cool and awesome. 

If we went to Den Haag we would go for the Japanese garden next weekend, 5th June to 7th June. Coincidentally the garden closes on the 7th – been wanting to go here since I came to the Netherlands. Would be a beautiful experience, plus some research around the area they have a really cozy, foresty (I just made that word up) park. Would love to just stroll through, talk with Seb and enjoy the nature. We would also visit some museums in Den Haag too plus we would go to Marudam – a miniature version of the Netherlands in pretty distinct and realistic details. Would easily snap some pictures of the giant Seb walking through it, apparently it is 1:25 scaled – lower ones too, but maximum would be 1:25 scaling. 
Here are links to what we would visit in either places (excluding most of the museums we had in mind):

So cool! Can’t wait. I would love visiting Den Haag for the above five reasons only, but we got some more planned in too. So I think we will be going Den Haag if we get the vacation money this month – May.
Of course, I would take a lot of pictures!

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