My GPU broke today, I can’t play any games at all and I can only do Internet stuff. Sucks. At least figured I could update the blog about it.

Well, sitting here typing with 1024×768 resolution sucks. My eyes will start to bleed.

Here, enjoy some pictures of our time in Lemmer last Saturday, we went to the second-hand store, it was huge. Got some pretty decorations with us home! Think I even snuck in some fake flowers (they had them as decorations, not buyable. But some had price tags on and some didn’t, huehuehue).

I will also introduce you to strawberry plant, say hello. Strawberry plant, these are my readers.

It was really nice weather and spring was coming forth. Can’t wait for full bloom.

I also got accepted into a therapy meeting, with a psychologist. I am nervous as fuck, not gonna post the paper-picture I took because I like taking pictures overall… no idea why I put that in. Well fuck, I am going insane without games. Shhhh. Stop doing that. Why are you doing this? THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!


There is only one now. 

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