I quit!

This might be a surprise, but I quit being an officer yesterday. It feels like the best decision ever, now I might actually enjoy the game to its fullest. I am looking forward to not having to do anything, just log on to raid and chitchat with people. Like how it is supposed to be, I guess.

This is the first morning that I am not sitting compiling officer documents already. It is a weird feeling, like some sort of “I’m missing it” and “DOBBY IS FREEEEE”. Latter one being the strongest right now. I know there will be times I’m going to miss the responsibilities (dumb, am I right?) but right now I just feel happy that I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

It got to the point where I started disliking people for even whispering to me about their issues or anythign they wanted help with, I put way too much efforts into making documents about guild matters to keep officer work simple and not crumble ontop of the others and I put way too much time into caring for this guild, I enjoy the guild as it is, don’t have to take it to the overexaggerated lengths again.

I think I spent enough time being stressed about “I need more information” or “I haven’t written this down yet”/”Fuck fuck I can’t remember what I was supposed to have written down”, three main worries in compiling officer documents for me. It sounds so silly, and yes it was. But I did like it while I was doing it. The main thing to ruin the officer experience for me was actually people and the stress about having to work in favor of the guild.

It already started during Sectarien’s officership, I know he did everything he could to help the guild move forward, heck he even tried to move it into a higher tier of raiding. Which was a nice ambition he had, too bad not many had the same otherwise his efforts wouldn’t have been wasted. During our first merge attempt, people (not all, but the people I did not expect at all to behave like they did, did) acted childish and mocked the other guild we attempted to merge with. Yes, the idea to guildmerge was just sprung upon them, but if it takes you weeks to compose yourself into a normal mature adult like you’re supposed to be  (I don’t think anyone in the guild was under 18) then you’re not suited for a semi-hardcore environment in my opinion. But couldn’t really say it at the time to not step on people’s toes.

After that Sectarien left, we were in for a long period of “will we raid or not?” until Dearundead’s guild died out. He came over with his crew to try to find a home in our guild. Sure, this guy was looking for a hardcore guild in a semihardcore one and I don’t think that benefits anyone, but just because of this guy’s voice he got hated and made fun of by people in the guild. I think he came from upper (or was it lower? can’t really remember) England, where the posh accent comes from, and his voice was coming through his nose more than his stomach. So he didn’t have a deep voice and his accent made him sound condescending, he still had a lot of viable points – I think he even took the time to compile documents with interrupts on Hans’gar and Franzok etc – and this guy got mocked because of it and people did not take well to his advice. Because it wasn’t sugarcoated and they felt the guy was putting them lower than him. But it is not like you can ask anyone to change their whole origin so that they can change the way they use their voice normally.

Anyway, obviously we lost those people besides two I think. But we lost them too when we guildtransferred, so nevermind.

Then we transferred and I guess everything is fine now. The hopefully not permanent side-effect of being an officer is to dislike people in the guild and I don’t want to do it, so gonna try to change it now while I am a veteran.

Big rant is big rant. Todelooo!

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