Japan thoughts (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

I was thinking of Japan overall and why I want to go there. I know Seb wants to go for a vacation there too, hit up Tokyo and some rural villages to really experience the clash of city and farmer culture. I think I am going to make a minor list to why I want to visit Japan so badly. So here it comes!

  • Culture
  • I have always been insanely interested in the culture in Japan, it is completely different to here what I’ve seen through videos (no, not anime) and heard people visiting Japan talk about. Polite and humble attitude is usually what people have come in contact with the most and that intrigues me, seeing that we Europeans seem to lack those manners in so many aspects. Sure, we are more open and that is a good thing, but sometimes the polite attitude and speech just gets dropped. I want to experience the temples to the max, been watching so many videos about youtubers/vloggers visiting and all temples look magnificent. 
  • Architecture
  • I’ve gathered information about houses etc from vloggers that tend to show off every little bit of the place they are visiting/staying in and if they go to the rural places the houses have this kind of charm to them that I can’t deny or resist. I would love to be able to stay in one for a couple of days.
  • Language
  • The language plays a big part for me, since I discovered manga RAWs I really want to learn the language to be able to read, understand and speak it. It is so beautiful and just listening to Japanese music is not enough for me anymore. 
  • Sight-seeing
  • I’ve never been outside Sweden and now The Netherlands before. I want to explore and experience stuff I am not familiar with. 
  • Food
  • Everything I’ve seen looks so good (not speaking about anime food here) and I so want to taste it – I know I do not have the skills or resources to do so on my own.
  • Diversity of Cafées
  • There is so many different cafées to visit (cat and owl-cafées for example) and it just makes me jittery. I want to go to a old fashioned tea serving too, it looks so proper and fantastic. 
  • Anime & manga
  • Of course you gotta visit shops that sell these and get some with you home. Even figurines etc.
  • Curiousity
  • So different culture and living standards. It peaks mine and Seb’s curiousity to the max to see how they live their daily lives and try to reenact that ourselves for a week or two.

These are the main things me and Seb wants to experience and see with our own eyes (and taste hihi). Tried to word it as proper as I could, so I hope it is understandable and you can see why I really want to travel to Japan.

Arigatou gozaimazu, dewa mata ne!

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